Woman Spits On Man... Would You Bite Either Of Them?

I pull over to take a call (don't drive and talk on the phone, right?)

While on the phone I hear some yelling and screaming.

I turn to my left and this man and woman were having it out with each other.

No hitting or anything. 

Just yelling, screaming, arguing, and cussing. 

The man walks past the woman while she's cussing at him. She tries to block his way and push him. He just keeps moving past her while cussing at her.

He goes into the passenger side door of their van and reaches his body in to get something.

The woman stands over behind him, cussing at the top of her lungs, and starts spitting on him.

He get's out of the van. Walks past her again, still yelling and cussing, and heads to their station wagon parked beside the van. Gets in and starts to drive away.

The woman still cussing stands in the middle of the driveway blocking the station wagon from leaving.

He turns the car to avoid hitting her, cussing out the window, and keeps driving forward. She starts banging on the car, grabbing the door handle, and following the car out to the street.

Finally, she let's go as he accelerates into the lane. Almost gets hit by oncoming traffic.

She's still cussing and yelling and spitting. As he cuts everyone off in traffic and drives away.

By their behavior, the way they were dressed, and the condition of their cars they looked homeless - living in their cars.

Pillars of the community this couple. Don't you think?

In many self-defense classes I've attended, biting was one of the tools they suggest you could use to fight back.


There ain't no way I'm biting people like this. What kind of disgusting, life-threatening disease do sociopaths carry?

Avoid trouble, troubled people, and trouble areas.

If you can't and violence comes to you, then use this:


Seek the straightest path,


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