How to See in the Dark Naturally and
Beat Up Thugs!

This TV Celebrity Discovers That a Gun Isn't Enough to
Protect His Family; And What He Can do About it...

January 17, 2015

How to See in the Dark Naturally and
Beat Up Thugs!

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Hi Fellow Wing Chun Fanatic!

It’s Rob from and it gets dark early this time of year. Lately, some of the days are cloudy and gloomy, too.

So now is a great time to improve, or learn, how to see better in the dark. It could save your life.

You've probably heard that you're more likely to face violent crime at night or in a low-light situation. Well, I did a little digging to double-check the facts and this is what I found.

According to the U.S. National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), a survey taken twice a year since 1972:

  • 42.4% of simple assaults occur at night.
  • 47.3% of violent crimes at night between 6 pm and 6 am.
  • 57.8% of aggravated assaults happen at night.
  • 63.2% of rapes and sexual assaults occur at night.

Crime doesn't discriminate.

It happens almost evenly between night and day. So it makes sense to improve your natural night vision.

By the way, in the rest of this article when I say 'see in the dark,' or something similar, I do NOT mean complete darkness. I mean some level of low-level light, potentially with heavy shadows, maybe heavy glare, and/or in a muted gray color. Nothing near 1080 HD.

Here's How to See Better in the Dark...

Before I give you these tips, let me tell you the bad news straight up.

Compared to many animals in nature, humans suck at seeing in the dark. And walking around in night vision goggles to go the ATM isn't practical.

Inside our eye, at the back the wall of the eyeball, we have millions of light receptors. We actually have two kinds of receptors: rods and cones.

The cones help us see color and resolution, but need light to do it well. While rods help us see movement and are more sensitive in low light.

Mother nature gave us a much higher concentration of cones at the center of our vision, and put a higher concentration of rods around the edges of our vision.

That's to say, you see best during the day with cones (center of your vision) and best during the night with rods (periphery of your vision).

The challenge is that if you want to see in the dark, you'll have a blind spot right in the center of your vision - where you normally see clearest!

  • The quickest solution you have is to look slightly to one side of what you're trying to see in the dark. About 5 - 10 degrees. The reason is because you want to use more of your rods to help you see in the dark. The cones will just give you a blind spot.
  • The next quickest thing you can do is move your head around a little while looking out of the corners of your eyes as you do. Again, you want to engage your rods as much as a possible. Rods are more sensitive in low-light, and they're more sensitive to movement.

When I played around with this it felt like a kind of visual sonar. Things would go out of focus and almost disappear into a camouflage sea of gray when I stopped moving my head.

Here are some additional suggestions to take your night vision one step further

  • Your eyes adapt to the dark. It can take a few minutes, though. If you're not in hurry, you may want to let your eyes adjust to the low light before engaging in your activity. Like walking to your car in a dark garage alone.
  • Bright light will destroy your night vision, forcing you to take additional time to readjust your eyes to the dark. So avoid looking directly at bright lights in the dark.
  • Train in the dark. I've done this and what I discovered is that our balance is aided a lot by visual feedback. I helps to walk straight when you can see a horizon. If you train in low light, you'll build muscle memory that enables you to rely less on your vision and keep your balance while moving.
  • Get to know your home turf in the dark. It's a fun and important exercise to get around your home or place of work with the lights off. Not just for self-defense, but for any emergency that kills the lights. For instance, a blackout due to weather or earthquake, or smoke from a fire. Get a mental picture and memorize your way around by feeling the texture of the walls, floors, corners, furniture, counter tops, etc.
  • Consider using less or even no artificial light to protect your property. This sounds counter-intuitive but current security research suggests outdoor lights can create heavy glare; making shadows even darker (not to mention the fact that bright lights hinder your night vision because of the time it takes you to adjust from light to dark.) This kind of scenario makes it easier for crooks to hide in the darkness.

    What's more, crooks can't see in the dark any better than you. Artificial light actually helps them because it makes it easier for them to case your house, research your place of business for a future robbery, and gives them plenty of light to do their crime and get away fast.

    Take away the lights, and now the crook is blind and needs to use a flashlight. This of course is a deterrent, because a flashlight would make the crook stand out like a fly in buttermilk. And they don't like drawing attention to themselves.

  • If you must use artificial light, then learn how to focus and place the lights to minimize glare, and eliminate dangerous blind-spot shadows. You know your lights are installed wrong if it feels like you're looking into the sun when you face in its direction, or if someone could easily hide in one of its shadows right in front of you.

Have a great weekend,

P.S. Once you practice seeing better in the dark, you need to know how to put the stopping power of a bullet into your bare hands.

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