Use These 4 Navy SEAL Mind Tricks to
Master Wing Chun, Become More Deadly, Learn Faster, and Win!

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December 15, 2014

Use These 4 Navy SEAL Mind Tricks to
Master Wing Chun, Become More Deadly, Learn Faster, and Win!

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Hi Fellow Wing Chun Fanatic!

It's Rob from and I'm always looking for an edge to sharpen my training faster and deeper. You're probably the same, so I have something valuable to share with you.

I was recently reading a copy fo NLP: The Essential Guide to Neuro-Linguistic Programming an in Chapter 3: Living in the Zone, it gave the mental process the U.S. Navy SEALs use to get through and survive Hell Week; and succeed in life and death missions.

You and I can both learn to adopt their methods and apply it to our Wing Chun training, and to other parts of our personal and business life.

Build Confidence by Developing the Inner Knowledge You Can Do Anything

SEAL training was modeled after the British Special Air Services commandos. But SEALs have a few customizations since they spend so much time cold and wet.

In order to get chosen just to try out, you have to be the best of the best in terms of IQ and physical fitness. In other words, only the best get a shot at becoming a SEAL.

The first thing the navy does is weed out the top candidates during a 6-week sifting period that ends with Hell Week.

During Hell Week, candidates spend nearly all their time cold and wet. And during a 60-hour period, they only get 4 hours of sleep.

It's a tough environment to succeed in.

The problem is that nearly 76% of these top-tier, best of the best, candidates quit during the sifting period.

The navy believed all these candidates had the physical ability to do what was asked of them, but dropped out for other reasons... how they used (misused) their mind.

Losing so many elite candidates was expensive. So the navy hired a psychologist to find the difference between the quitters and the succeeders. And then teach what the succeeders did to everyone else.

It worked. Graduation rates jumped 50%!

The 4 Mental Habits Navy SEALs Use to Beat 'Hell Week' and Succeed on Deadly Missions

When you find yourself in a tough situation, facing a grueling workout, or hitting the wall in your Wing Chun training, do what the SEALs do to move forward and win:

Habit #1) Focus on Right Now
Don't worry about 'long-term' goal setting. Instead, focus on the job right in front of you, and get it done.

Don't think about what happens next, don't think about what you're going to have for dinner later. Narrow your focus on what's in front of you and nothing else.

"The major way to combat stress when you're doing something very difficult is to narrow your focus.

"Habit #2) Imagine How Good It Will Feel
Remember any and all of your past successes in life, in business, in your training, with your family. Use any success you can find, no matter how small you think it is. These experiences become your ammunition.

Do this now.

Remember how you felt with each of these successes and feel them again. Let each one build up inside of you and join all these feelings together as one. Remember and imbed these feelings into your muscle memory.

Then transfer these feelings into what you are doing now.

"Tell yourself how good it feels to be making progress, how good it feels to be almost done, how good it feels to be completing this task."

You can break the task into smaller pieces and make each step feel great.

Habit #3) When All Else Fails, Breathe Deeply
When you're doing something challenging and difficult it's normal to feel panic, discouraged, unmotivated, drained, etc.

This is a natural reaction by your brain. When you're failing, your brain goes into automatic survival - flight - mode.

You beat it by changing your blood chemistry by flooding it with oxygen.

This settles down your panic reaction, which is controlled by a part of the brain called the amygdala.

The Navy SEALs learn a special breathing technique especially for this purpose:

  • Inhale deeply for a count of 6
  • Hold for a count of 2
  • Exhale completely - emptying your lungs - for a count of 6

Do the above cycle 3 times

Physiologically you lower your blood pressure and flood your brain with oxygen, which improves your ability to think and react thoughtfully (without panic, without locking up, or becoming stiff).

Habit #4) Cheer Yourself On
The SEALs are taught to drown out negative, discouraging, and critical self-talk.

They mentally teach candidates to say (in their heads), "You can do it, this is easy, forget that last mistake, focus on the next shot and getting it better."

Candidates mentally cheer themselves on while doing it, while they're in it. Instead of listing their troubles and everything that's holding them back, they instead list out everything that is great and that feels good.

All of This Sounds too Weird --

"This has nothing to do with being reasonable; this is about being successful."

Remember, these are the methods used by people succeeding in the some of the harshest environments in the world. It works.

Use these mental habits to help you succeed at the kwoon, at work, at school, and in your daily life.

Make them second nature by practicing and using them often. Especially when you start to feel anxious or panicked about a situation.

Quick recap:

  • Breathe! Inhale deep for 6, hold for 2, exhale completely and empty your lungs for 6. Do this cycle 3 times. This will help you clam down and think straight;
  • Focus only on the immediate task;
  • Remember all your past successes and imagine feeling all those feelings when you succeed at the task in front of you;
  • Cheer yourself on. Tell yourself mentally about all the things that feel good while you're doing it.

If you want to learn more about using your head right, to excel at Wing Chun or any other areas of your life, check out NLP: The Essential Guide to Neuro-Linguistic Programming on Amazon.

Have a great week!

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