Wing Chun vs Bjj, Grappling, MMA

The other day I got a message from a BJJ/MMA company asking me to review some of their products. 

I said, "No, thanks."

I get offers like this all the time and most of them are no good. 

  • The product/service is no good; 
  • The company is no good, or;
  • The product/service/company doesn't match my martial arts/self-protection values.

I have nothing against BJJ, grappling, or MMA. In fact, I love watching the UFC and I watch wrestling during the Olympics.

And back in the day, I started my martial arts journey with Judo. And before Wing Chun I spent five years, off and on, training Aikido.

I understand grappling. But...

I train martial arts for self-protection.

And if you train Wing Chun, then self-protection is high on your list of priorities. Or so I hope.

Here is a quick fact:

According to crime statistics, most assaults are usually one guy versus multiple attackers.

Going to the ground, which is what you do when you train BJJ, grappling, or MMA, is a bad move. It's not strategic.

While you're on the ground, grunting, and trying to get an armbar or choke hold, his buddies are going to stomp your head in.

Wing Chun is a much more efficient system for street violence.

Although I don't recommend going to the ground and grappling thugs or sociopaths, you should know how to efficiently break joints, which is what grappling is meant to do.

The important point is that you do not have to roll on the ground to break joints. And it's better for you if you do not accept going to the ground.

We learn some joint breaking moves at my old kwoon. But we never spend enough time on it and never get deep into the mechanics of how it all works.

Surprisingly, breaking joints is much simpler than most people think once you understand how to apply leverage.

You can learn what I know here:

Seek the straightest path,


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