Good Wing Chun Technique Uses Blocks That Allow You to Counter-Attack at the Same Time…

Proper Wing Chun technique avoids hard blocks like those seen in Karate, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, or Krav Maga.

Below reviewing the list of common Wing Chun blocks below, it’s important to understand that Wing Chun defense is designed to deflect and parry attacks. Not smash against them.

The reason is because smashing attacks requires you to use force-against-force. This isn’t practical or safe because the person with more weight or strength wins. And there will always be someone bigger and stronger than you.

On the other hand, a deflection or parry allows you to use your opponent’s force against himself, giving you the advantage of leverage.

Also, proper defensive technique allows you to use both arms at the same time, enabling you to counter-attack before your opponent finishes his initial attack. This is good kung fu.

You can also check out this defensive guide to Wing Chun blocks to help you keep track of it all.

Wing Chun has an amazing array of defensive moves, which have been borrowed and adapted from other kung fu styles.

Keep in mind though, some lineages have unique blocks or defensive maneuvers not found elsewhere. If you know of some, please share them at the bottom:

Here’s a list of the most common Wing Chun Blocks:

Hand Blocks:

  • Pak sao
  • Wu sao
  • Man sao
  • Lap sao
  • Fuk sao
  • Tan sao
  • Gan sao
  • Bil sao
  • Chun sao
  • Gum sao
  • Jut sao
  • Bong sao
  • Huen sao
  • Larn sao

Double Hand Blocks:

  • Kan sao
  • Kuan sao

Leg Blocks:

  • Bong gerk
  • Pak gerk
  • Lap gerk
  • Stomp kick

What’s the most important defensive Wing Chun concept?

Attack first.

It’s better to put pressure on your opponent than the other way around.

Besides, real fights don’t last a long time like in the movies or in a controlled UFC or boxing match. A “real” fight can end very fast. Attack first and you have better chances of walking away.

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What’s your favorite block? Are there any blocks I missed?

Go ahead and tell us below and include photos or video links if you want.

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The Tan Sao... 
The Tan Sao is the simplest move and also very effective during a fight. Simple and to the point, Doesn't need much training to master. +++ Comment …

Readers Chime in of Wing Chun Defensive Techniques 
I believe my favorite (in my current level of training) is Kwan Sau, which is a combination of Taan Sau and low Bong Sau together. My reflexes aren't …

Bong Sao Not rated yet
Best block by far. Not the first you learn, not the easiest to use but the best. Wing chun practitioner for 6 years under ip chung.

Wing Chun'ers Discuss Defense and Share Knowledge... Not rated yet
The one that works at the moment of attack, or better yet the one that doesn't require physical contact with the aggressor. === Comment by Rob : Wise …

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