Wing Chun strikes are Weak, But Do a lot of Damage...

by Jason

I once punched the sandbag during my Shaolin training.

I took the Wing Chun front stance, And I started to punch
*Boom* It only moved for a little.

I then give the sandbag a chain punch
*Boom* *Boom* *Boom* *Boom* *Boom* *Boom* *Boom* *Boom* *Boom* *Boom* *Boom* *Boom* *Boom* *Boom*

The sandbag only moved a little, seems like I didn't use my energy. But I used Fa Jing, and Chi, to punch it!

My friends are laughing at me, They said my punch had no power. One of them also tried to punch the sandbag, He did learn a little boxing, so his punch made the sandbag moved much more than what I did...


When I encounter a fight, I use the Wing Chun punch. I used 25% of my effort compared when I punched the sandbag, while my opponent had been finished. He got injured. I escaped successfully...

The Wing Chun punch is weak (If you punch a sandbag) but DEALS a LOT of damage when it was used to strike someone.

Similar to a slingshot... If you shoot the sandbag with it, you won't make the sandbag move at all, But when you shoot humans, you're going to be sued for assault...

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Feb 02, 2016
Not weak...Just measured incorrectly
by: george

The Wing Chun is not weak in result, simply in output. Using proper angle and location; it will be very effective. Borrowing power from another and NOT exhausting you while executing the blow... too often the precise Wing Chun is compared to a brutish brawler to measure power.. a fish is lousy at a climbing trees test.. But for what the fish does it is very good indeed... Wing Chun punches are effective at delivery power to a precise location and allows the executioner to retain power to finish the fight regardless how long the opponent remains standing...

Jan 05, 2016
Wing Chun punch
by: Anonymous

The Wing Chun punch is NOT weak. Delivered correctly with forward movement and perfect timing, it's devastating. generally the first punch that connects finish a confrontation. the next couple are just to make SURE your attacker doesn't get up.

Sep 26, 2015
by: rob - WingChunLife

I really love your slingshot analogy! That was great.

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