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Who should showcase their Wing Chun school? Sifus, kwoon managers, and others who offer lessons. Nearly each week I get an email from a potential Wing Chun student asking me to recommend a school or sifu (even in non-English speaking countries!) ...

Instead of recommending them to a specific kwoon I've never visited, I send them to the Wing Chun schools page where they can research and find lessons near them.

If you're not listed there, you probably won't get the call and you will miss out on one or more new and eager students.

Already know the quick and simple steps to fill out the Wing Chun Showcase application? Jump down to the form now. Click here.

- Get Started -
Follow the Simple and Quick Steps...

There are three (3) areas where you can put information and Showcase your school, plus one (1) bonus section:

  1. The Heading section
  2. The Body section
  3. The Photo/Image section (optional)
  4. The Bonus Video section (also optional)

A few details on how to get the best results and attract local students follows below. But first...

How much does it cost to showcase your Wing Chun school?

It costs nothing. It's complimentary. It's Free. So take advantage of it.

I could charge something, I should charge something, but like I said above, I get asked all the time to recommend schools.

At this point it's just easier and quicker to point all these eager Wing Chun students to a page on the site and let them do their own homework and call you directly... and then let you do your job of encouraging them to give Wing Chun a try at your kwoon.

If I do decide to charge a fee for this very valuable and generous service (details below) in the future, each school currently showcased will be grandfathered in. The fees will be waived. Fair?

#1) The Heading...

The heading is very important. This is the fastest and only way potential students will use to find your school!

Make it easy for them to find you, and they will call you.

I've found that the following sequence works best. So...

Use this sequence:

Wing Chun School: City, State/Province, Country


Wing Chun School: New York, New York, USA


Wing Chun School: Paris, France


Wing Chun School: Sydney, Australia

Feel free to add a term locals use for your area.

For example, in Los Angeles locals know where 'The Valley' is. But you'll never find it on any map or atlas. This is a term only locals use. I bet you know similar terms for neighborhoods or areas near you.

You may even use a major junction or intersection.

Use it in your heading if it will help potential students 'know' where you're located.


Avoid abbreviating cities, state/province, or country unless it’s very, very obvious to everyone, especially me.

To make things easier for Wing Chun students to find your school, I categorize the schools by their geographic location.

Let's make this fast and easy. Don't make me walk Google Earth or do extra research. Help potential students find you, quick!

Is Your Kwoon or Students Located in a 'Non-English Speaking Country'?

Great! I get many potential students from non-English speaking countries asking me to recommend schools and sifus. Help me help them find your academy!

In the heading, please write in “Romanized” letters (i.e. A, B, C) first, then in your native language. This will help me know where to put your school on our worldwide schools list.

For example, if you’re in Egypt. Please follow the sequence:

Wing Chun School: City, State/Province, Country in Romanized letters first—


Wing Chun School: Cairo, Egypt (In Egyptian)

Right behind the Romanized spelling. If your school is in China, do the same, but write in Chinese right behind the Romanized spelling. Japan, do the same, etc.

Do You Have Many School Branches You'd Like to Showcase?

Either list the main headquarters or make sure each entry has a unique heading.

Unique is important because it won't look like spam. If it looks like spam, potential students may get a bad impression and will not call.

#2) The Body...

You are showcasing your school, so make it stand out. Be proud. Write at least 300 words, which is about 3 to 5 paragraphs.

If you don't like to write, ask a current student, family, or friend to help.

Potential students are researching schools and sifus to call and visit. Many new students are comparing Wing Chun against other martial arts!

Give them something meaty to read that encourages them to call you and give Wing Chun a try.

If all you have is one sentence or just your website address, it gives a bad impression to potential students. They'll get the feeling you didn't care enough to try.

There's no limit in the words you can write, so you should have enough room to really connect with potential students. But at a minimum try to get 300 words (3 to 5 paragraphs).

Still Have Trouble Writing?

A lot of people do, so here are a few suggestions:

  • Get someone to help you.
  • Include a few testimonials from current and past students. (Don't have any? Ask for them, you'll be surprised!)
  • Talk about your Wing Chun background.
  • Talk about your martial arts background and what led you to Wing Chun.
  • Tell them a short description of your teaching beliefs.
  • Why did you become a sifu and open a school.
  • What is your lineage.
  • Your contact information = phone number, email, website.
  • Describe some of your classes. Adults, children, weapon.
  • How are classes run.
  • Talk a little about the location of your school. Is it near a local landmark?
  • What can students expect to learn if they join your school.
  • What do you love about Wing Chun?

Do You Have Many Branches You'd Like to Showcase?

Either list the main headquarters or make sure each entry has unique body content!

Don't repeat the same thing over and over again. Each one has to be unique, otherwise it will look like spam. And if it does, potential students will get a bad impression and won't call.

Is Your Kwoon or Students Located in a 'Non-English Speaking Country'?

That's awesome! Many potential students from non-English speaking countries ask me to recommend schools and sifus. Help them find your school.

After following the step for the heading, explained above in #1 The Heading under non-English speaking countries... Just write your body in your own language!

** Please make sure to follow the "heading" step above so I know where to showcase your school. Thanks. **

The Showcase application form accepts international characters i.e. Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Hindi, etc. So you shouldn't have any trouble.

Follow the suggestions for writing helpful and interesting information in the body (i.e. 300 words, contact info, What do you love about Wing Chun, etc.) and that's it.

Can I Write This/Do This/Complete the Showcase Application Form for You?

I've been asked this before. What I know is, in order for me to do something like this for you, you must provide me information.

And if you take the time to put together and provide me with this information, you have what you need to do it all yourself.

However, I realize people are busy.

So if you really want me to do it, and you can't get anyone else to help you, contact me to discuss. There will be a fee, which we'll go over.

If I get more of these requests, then I'll look into making this into a more formal arrangement. Until then contact me directly and let me know you want my help.

#3) Pictures and Images... (Optional, But Highly Recommended!)

The heading and body steps above are mandatory. You can't showcase your school without them. But adding pictures and images (and video, explained below) are optional.

Be aware that pictures and images are powerful and potential students like to see them. It will also make your school stand out so it is highly recommended to add pictures (four (4) is the maximum).

You can also include images like your school's logo, if you have one. This is a smart move to better brand your school and help it get noticed.

Simply follow the steps to upload your pictures or images on the Wing Chun School Showcase application form.

If you don't have any pictures or images now, no problem. We can include them later when you do.

** You may only use pictures and images that you
own all the rights to, or have permission to use.
Respect other people's property. **

#4) Bonus: Video! (Also Optional,
But Strongly Recommended!)

Video is powerful and will make your school stand out. It's strongly recommended to use a video on your Showcase. But if you don't have one now, no problem. We can include it later when you do.

If you have a video, just include the link (i.e. YouTube, Vimeo, etc.).

I'll embed it behind the scenes, after it's approved. This is the only way to add video to your exclusive Showcase page at this time.

** You may only use video that you
own all the rights to, or have permission to use.
Respect other people's property. **

Showcase Your School...

Wing Chun School Showcase Application Form

Fill in this form and help new local students discover your kwoon! There's no cost for this service.

Wing Chun Schools Worldwide! Showcase Your Kwoon, Too.

Click below to see more details...

Yip Man Martial Art Team Wing Chun Hellas 
Αpply Wing Chun Kung Fu – Chinese Boxing – Street Fighting The first school of martial arts to announce and spread Wing Chun Kung Fu in Greece, founded …

AUTHENTIC WING CHUN (VING TSUN) Currently teaching at Miramar Library the last Wed of each month from 6 PM - 8 PM and the first Saturday of each month …

Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu: Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines  
I'm Sifu Rick Cantrell, a Master Level Instructor of the Global Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Association headed by Grandmaster William Cheung. Prior …

Wing Chun School: Philadelphia PA USA 
Train in the style of Kung Fu that Bruce Lee mastered as taught to him by the legendary, “Ip Man”, which is the basis of Jeet Kune Do! Wing Chun is …

Applied Wing Chun Okinawa: Okinawa, Japan 
Applied Wing Chun Okinawa is the first and oldest certified Wing Chun Club on Okinawa, founded in August 2012. Applied Wing Chun Okinawa offers training …

Wing Chun School: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 
Welcome to Wing Chun School Games Foundation -Asia (WCSGFA). The site dedicated to spread authentic and pure Wing Chun knowledge in India & Asia. …

Wing Chun School: Lakeland, Florida, USA 
Testimonial - "I am an army ranger and after training in krav maga, military combat, mma and jiujitsu, I took myself to a new level with Sifu Och's Wing …

Wing Tsun: Austin Texas, USA (Eskrima Kali-Arnis)  
Grandmaster Richard M. Guerra trained in Kaoshuing, Taiwan in Wing Chun Kung Fu as a direct first generation pupil under professor Leung Ting. And White …

Wing Chun School: Franklin, North Carolina, USA 
Innovative Wing Chun is an up-to-date, reality based self-defense system that uses sophisticated, concept based human bio-mechanics that will enable you …

Wing Chun Perú: San Miguel, Lima, Peru 
Escuela de Wing Chun abierta hace ya cuatro años. Dirigida por el Sifu Marcos Sanz con 15 años de entrenamiento en Wing Chun. El Sifu …

Wing Chun School: Bear, Delaware, USA 
Buddha Hand (Fut Sao) Wing Chun Kung Fu What is Buddha Hand Wing Chun? This Cantonese family of Wing Chun Kung Fu was brought to the U.S. …

Wing Chun Illinois : Bloomington, Illinois, USA 
Our style of Wing Chun comes directly from Master Yip Man, through Master Wong Shun Leung and Master Gary Lam. Our linage has all of the traditional teachings …

Wing Chun School - Karachi, Sindh - Pakistan 
Sifu is a Practitioner of Wing Chun kung fu HK lineage, Student of Sifu yen chen, trained under him from 1996 to 2000, he is an international certified …

Wing Chun School (Foshan style): Ely, U.K.  
Ely Wing Chun If you would like to begin to learn an innovative, practical self defence system and socialise with some like minded people, then this …

Wing Chun School: Newark, Delaware - USA 
Traditional Foshan Wing Chun Kuen as taught by Grandmaster Fok Chiu

Wing Chun Club - Cape Town, Sea Point, South Africa 
10 St James Rd Sea Point, Cape Town, South Africa. We teach Wing Chun and Western Boxing. We Love Wing Chun Technique and Boxing Fitness. You are …

Wing Chun Lessons, Brunei Darussalam 
Wing Chun - Ip Man Lineage via Wong Shung Leung. We practice every Wednesday and Friday evenings from 8.00 pm until 9.30 pm at Emelle House of Fitness …

WING CHUN Lessons, LIMA - PERU: Group and Private 
Learn Wing Chun in Lima, Peru! A unique opportunity to learn Wing Chun from a non-Ip Man lineage. Sifu Ricky Leturia is a second generation …

Wing Chun School: Long Beach, CA USA 
West Coast Wing Chun is a Ip Family/Samuel Kwok lineage and an official Samuel Kwok Affiliate. Our location is in Long Beach, California - 5107 E. …

Wing Chun Los Angeles, CA (Valley): Group and Private Lessons  
The Los Angeles Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy is located in Sherman Oaks, California at 4625 Van Nuys Blvd. Just south of the 101 FWY. We have classes …

Wing Chun School: Dudley, West Midlands, England 
Warrior Wing Chun Small Club offering traditional wing chun in the Heart Of England. Class Day: Thursday 8pm-10pm Venue: Priory park ABC, Priory …

Wing Chun School: Charleston, South Carolina 
Sifu Jay has over 30 years experience in Gung Fu and 26 years experience in Wing Chun. "...He completed the Wing Chun and Shaolin Gung Fu Systems after …

Wing Chun Lessons: Burton-On-Trent, United Kingdom 
Burton Kung Fu is a small organisation with the aim of forming a close group of students to practice the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu. I want to create …

Wing Chun School: Maidstone, Kent, UK  
Hello, I am Sihing Lee Wilson, 3rd Technician grade, the Head Instructor of WingChun Maidstone. Our WingChun trains for every possibility that could …

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Wing Chun School: Tai'An, Shandong Province, China 
The Middle Kingdom Traditional Kung Fu & Wellness School has been set up to allow people to learn Wing Chun in China. We currently have two Wing Chun …

Wing Chun Schools; Somerset UK Not rated yet
Somerset Wing Chun Kung Fu teach any age, physique or gender to operate your body, effectively and efficiently, using natural range of movements, in pressure …

Wing Chun Minneapolis St. Paul Minnesota Not rated yet
We train year round in Minneapolis Minnesota. Always looking for new students and other martial artists looking to improve their skills. Best, Sifu …

“Evergreen Hall Self-Defence Limited”, Chelmsford, Essex, United Kingdom Not rated yet
Evergreen Hall Self-Defence Limited provides self-defence, Wing Chun Kung Fu and Mindfulness instruction for private individuals and frontline professionals. …

Wing Chun School South Australia Not rated yet
Outback Wing Chun South Australia offers true Ip Man family lineage training, we are recognized in the "Wing Chun Ip Chun Genealogy Book". We teach Wing …

Wing Chun School: Woodbridge, Virginia Not rated yet
Ho Kam Ming Lineage of Wing Chun in Woodbridge, Virginia. Recognized Instructor under Sifu Augustine Fong. Instructor has over 20 years of Wing Chun …

Wing Chun Kung Fu - Orange County, California - USA Not rated yet
Website: Phone number: 562-304-8958 It is near the 405, 605, & 22 freeway junction. …

Wing Chun School Irvine, CA USA Not rated yet
Irvine Wing Chun Our spacious Orange County Kung Fu school in Irvine (along with our Dana Point school) is the leading authority for Wing Chun in Orange …

Wing Chun School Davao City, Philippines Not rated yet
Sifu Moe started his martial art carrier with the age of 5 . Till 1996 he trained Judo, Nin-Jutsu (1. Kyu Ikkyu) , Tae Kwon Do, Classic wrestling, Boxing …

"Yin Wing Chun" Patrick Springs, Virginia, USA Not rated yet
Classes taught by Sifu Kristian Gordon 郭勤懇 "kwok kan hauun" Disciple of Sifu Master Mark Beardsell. Kristian Gordon is a certified Fourth Generation Ip …

Eternal Springtime Boxing Club: Montevallo, Alabama, USA. Not rated yet
Offering private/semi private/small group training utilizing the Ip Man syllabus I have been training in various arts since 1986. Since 1998, I …

Wing Chun School - Athens, Nea Filadeleia, Attika: Greece Not rated yet
Βασική αρχή και επιδίωξη του Wu Yongchunquan (Foshan Wing Chun) είναι το άτομο να κατορθώσει να «εκμεταλλευθεί» το μυαλό του, προκειμένου να υπερτερήσει, …

Barbados Wing Chun: Christ Church, Barbados Not rated yet
Wing Chun Kun Fu influences the way we think and the way we behave. One great benefit is its self defense effectiveness. Utilizing wing chun in a dangerous …

Wing Chun School in Hammond, Indiana Not rated yet
Hello my name is Jeff Williams, I began my Martial Arts lifestyle in 2009 here in USA. I've tried various styles and schools, I found Wing Chun …

Wing Chun School: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Not rated yet
The Most Exciting Wing Chun Vancouver school for fitness & confidence! Our programs are suitable for students of all ages and all experience levels. …

Wing Chun Kung Fu in Melbourne - Abbotsford Greensborough Not rated yet
Shaolin Jee Shin Wing Chun Kung Fu was established in 1995. Sifu Garry and Sifu Linda are the principle owners. They also are the primary teachers …

Wing Chun School, Birmingham, West Midlands, UK Not rated yet
The first Midlands Wing Chun Kuen school opened in the Hall Green area of Birmingham in 1982 under the tutelage of Sifu Shaun Rawcliffe. Since that humble …

Wing Chun School - Walled Lake, Michigan USA Not rated yet
Wing Chun Michigan was founded by Brian Duncan, a local martial arts enthusiast. He studied locally for a few years in the Ip Ching lineage and eventually …

Wing Chun School Thessaloniki, Euosmos, Greece Not rated yet
One Wing Chun Fighting Club Τα μαθήματα του Wing Chun χαρακτηρίζονται από το δυναμισμό και την προκλητικότητα τους. Παρέχουν πλεονεκτήματα …

GARY LAM WING CHUN: Orange County, CA, USA Not rated yet
We teach the “Gary Lam Wing Chun” system here in Orange County, CA. Working on the complete curriculum in Wing Chun Kung-Fu. Our goal is to pass …

RDU Wing Chun, Raleigh, North Carolina Not rated yet
Dynamic self-defense techniques for real-life situations and highly effective body conditioning for the best physical form. Sifu James Widmar has over …

Outback Wing Chun South Australia Branch, Osborne South Australia  Not rated yet
Outback Wing Chun South Australia Branch offers true Ip Man family lineage training, we are recognized in the "Wing Chun Ip Chun Genealogy Book". We …

Wing Chun School (Leung Ting WingTsun®) Gilbert, Arizona USA Not rated yet
We teach WingTsun™ kung-fu in Gilbert, AZ three times per week. Our instruction is a traditional base in the Yip Man / Leung Ting lineage with practical …

WingTsun Martial Art Schools/ England\Berkshire and Hertfordshire  Not rated yet
We have adults and childrens martial art classes in the following areas: Slough Windsor Watford Hemel Hempstead We are part of the EWTO - European …

The Healing Roots of Wing Chun, Hamburg, Germany Not rated yet
My focus in teaching Wing Chun clearly lies on Wing Chun's roots in healing Qigong systems of the Buddhist and Taoist traditions. With this focus we …

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Wing Chun School: Mount Arlington, NJ, USA Not rated yet
Our Kung Fu program focuses on traditional Wing Chun. The dedicated student can elect advanced training including Shaolin styles, Chinese weapons, wooden …

Wing Chun Walk The Line Gung Fu School, Athens, Greece Not rated yet
Κανείς δεν είναι πολύ νέος ή πολύ γέρος, πολύ αδύνατος ή πολύ δυνατός, πολύ βαρύς, δύσκαμπτος, κοντός ή ψηλός για να εξασκηθεί στο Wing Chun Gung Fu. Δεν …

Wing Chun School
Chengdu, Sichuan - China
 Not rated yet
We teach Ip Man Wing Chun and our school is located in the Zongnan district of Chengdu, Sichuan - China. Sifu Yang has over 20 years training and teaching …

Pankration Wing Chun, Hong Kong Not rated yet
Born and raised in Hong Kong, second generation Wing Chun lifelong practitioner trained the traditional way since early childhood by both parents but with …

Ving Tsun Kung Fu Lessons: Stanbridge, U.K.  Not rated yet
We are a small friendly, Independent martial arts group. That are based in Harpenden on the borders of Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire coached by Tim …

Wing Chun Private lessons: Azumino, Nagano - Japan Not rated yet
Private lessons in Wing Chun, the city of Azumino in the province of Nagano in Japan. sticking in your home or place of your choice. classes have the …

Wing Chun School: Maringá, Parana - Brazil Not rated yet
Traditional Wing Chun School in Brazil's Parana state, the city of Maringá school in the town center with optimal location and good security, dedicated …

Wing Chun School: Burnley, Lancashire, UK Not rated yet
Here at the Master James Halliwell Ving Tsun Academy (Burnley Branch) we teach & coach students from beginners to adepts all aspects of the Martial Art …

Wing Chun School: Orange County, CA, USA Not rated yet
Orange County Wing Chun Kung Fu school, The Dragon Institute, is located right on Pacific Coast Highway in Dana Point, CA. Under the expertise of Sifu …

Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) Private Lessons: Hong Kong Not rated yet
Hello. My name is John Kaufman. I live and teach Ving Tsun (Wing Chun) in Hong Kong. I teach in the lineage of Chu Shong Tin, who was Ip Man's third …

Wing Chun Schools: Madrid, Spain. Escuelas de Wing Chun Madrid, Espana Not rated yet
Clases y Escuelas de Wing Chun EBMAS y Latosa Escrima en Madrid. Instructores titulados por el gran maestro Dai Si-Fu Emin Boztepe. Varios seminarios …

Wing Chun Private Lessons: Madrid, Spain. Clases privadas Madrid, Espana Not rated yet
Clases privadas de Wing chun EBMAS en Madrid Contacto Dai Si-Hin Héctor García-Romeu Instructor certificado por Dai Si-Fu Emin Boztepe …

Wing Chun School: Madrid, Spain Not rated yet
Health and Combat trainning academy: Wing Tsun school in Madrid, dedicated to the art of Wing Tsun. We want to spread the art in it's traditional, …

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