Wing Chun Schools Delaware

Delaware is the second smallest state in the U.S., however, you can find Wing Chun schools here. Here a couple to check out:

Delawareans (people of Delaware) are lucky to have places to learn Wing Chun live. A few little interesting tidbits about Delaware:

They were the first state to ratify the U.S. Constitution, which is the reason for its nickname - The First State;

It's a popular state to incorporate a business. More than 50% of all U.S. publicly traded companies and 63% of the Fortune 500 are incorporated in Delaware;

Although the Dutch were the first Europeans to settle Delaware in 1631 by establishing a trading post near Lewes (Zwaanendael), all the settlers were killed within a year by local Native American tribes in a trade dispute;

The state is about 100 miles (160 km) long from north to south, but it experiences a significant variation in climate due to its position to the Atlantic ocean, coastal plain, and Delaware Bay. For instance, its southern portion has a more humid and subtropical climate, giving it a longer growing season, than the north;

The state is named after Virginia's first colonial governor - the Englishman Thomas West, 3d Baron De La Warr (Delaware, is easier to spell).

Still Having Trouble Finding 
Wing Chun Schools in Delaware or Surrounding Areas?

If these kwoons are as close to you as you'd like, try searching online using the search box below. There may be schools in your area who have not yet showcased their academy.

Just type the words "Wing Chun" (without the quotes) and the city or area where you're hoping to find a class, then click the search button.

Help Others Choose a Wing Chun Academy...

If you're familiar with any of the schools above, click on it and leave a comment on that page. Positive or negative if fine, but be respectful and constructive. This will help a lot of potential students do their due diligence.

Besides, we want all great Wing Chun schools to get the credit they deserve, and kwoons that are less so to have the chance to up their game and provide a better service and environment for future students.

This way the Art of Wing Chun can continue to grow and prosper for a few more hundred years.

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