Wing Chun School Irvine, CA USA

by Elisabeth Williss
(Irvine, CA USA)

Irvine Wing Chun

Our spacious Orange County Kung Fu school in Irvine (along with our Dana Point school) is the leading authority for Wing Chun in Orange County. Our martial arts family consists of over 150 students of all ages - all training for the love of the art. Their infectious passion for this unique form of kung fu is inspiring. They are the heart and soul of our Wing Chun school.

For both adults and kids, our Irvine martial arts classes offer outside-the-box development - things you don't find in other activities, sports or training. Our instructors keep you motivated with engaging and fun classes, personalized hands-on instruction and caring guidance for martial arts, self-defense and beyond.

8 Hammond #113
Irvine, CA 92618

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