Wing Chun Kung Fu - Orange County, California - USA

Phone number: 562-304-8958

It is near the 405, 605, & 22 freeway junction. It primarily serves those who live or work in the 562 or 714 area codes.

Instructor Information
Wing Chun lineage:
Ip Man -> Bruce Lee -> Dan Inosanto -> Chris Kent -> David Cheng
Ip Man -> Leung Ting -> Keith Kernspecht -> Simon Mayer

Wing Chun Credentials
11 years training WC
7 years teaching WC

This is a training group for adults who are committed, and eager to learn, and want to be part if Ip Man’s legacy. I started this group because I like to meet new people, have fun, and help others grow / develop.

Student Reviews
Started learning wing chun with Coach Eric this month. Had several lessons now. Coach Eric is easy to learn from and very attentive to my proper learning. He has good attention to detail which I like and always happy and interested to explain things. It's fun and I enjoy learning wing chun but I can see that I have a lot to learn, of course. Fortunately, Coach Eric makes it fun and not complicated to learn. His method is methodical which makes it easier to pick up and not overwhelming or confusing. I highly recommend 562 Healthy Wing Chun Kung Fu for Peace for health and fun. It is a lot of fun and more interesting than the gym! – Rod T.

Coach Eric is an experienced martial artist. His knowledge of wing chun is top notch. In my years working with him, I've found him to be patient, to pay attention to detail and underlying principles (so important for wing chun), and to explain material and concepts well. He works through WC in a systematic way, which I prefer to a more traditional approach. For these reasons I highly recommend anyone interested in wing chun to train with him! – Lj L.

I started training with Coach Eric by chance as I was on yelp looking for a school to start my 6 year old son in martial arts. Fast forward 2 months, my experience with Coach Eric is Top notch! The training facility is spacious, clean and most importantly in a safe neighborhood. My fellow students welcome newcomers with open arms and are a bunch of good down to earth people- No egos! Coach Eric is very knowledgeable, easy to learn from, humble and always there to answer any question related to wing chun whether in class or even outside of class via text if I had a question about a technique. He has a calm approach when teaching wing chun. Despite his knowledge of other arts, he maintains the integrity of the art by teaching wing chun in its purest form. I am more relaxed as a result of training. I plan to continue training: here for the long haul and would recommend this school to: friends and family. – Mark D.

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