Wing Chun Greece:
If You Live There or Travel There, 
You Can Master Kung Fu

Greece, the home of wrestling and ancient Spartans now has Wing Chun!

Imagine, travel there to see all the wonderful history, swim in the Mediterranean, eat well, and train Wing Chun kung fu.

It's possible.

Here are three Greek Wing Chun schools showcased on

Leave a Review If You're Familiar with One of These Schools...

Click on the link, it'll take you to their page, click on the "comment" link near the bottom, and leave your feedback

Keep it honest and respectful.

Other potential students will use review to help them make a more informed decision about which Wing Chun school to try.

Also, encourage kwoons to showcase and introduce their school and classes on this site. Thousands of people pass by, many of them searching for a kwoon to call home.

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