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Wing Chun, martial arts, and Kung Fu make the world a better place, because it makes all who study and train better people. Look at all the examples below and add your story.

Chinese Tea House in Sichuan Mountains

Tell us and show us what Wing Chun means to you!

Share your martial arts related event (grading? seminar?), or fundraiser, or new movie promo, or music video, or, or, or?

Almost anything goes, as long as it builds community.

Simply keep it related to Wing Chun, Kung Fu, and the martial arts.

Tell us what you're up to, show us with pictures and images, and even include a video link if you want. (i.e. YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler, we'll do the technical stuff behind the scenes to share it on the site.)

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Martial Arts Scholarships Available

Do you know a child or teen who deserves and would love to train the martial arts, but can't because of financial hardship or physical disability? This non-profit has scholarships available for children and teens... Visits Los Angeles Kung Fu Championship
I grabbed my video camera and went to watch the inaugural ICMAC (International Chinese Martial Arts Championship) in Los Angeles. But there's more: I helped train three of the fighter (I served as their punching bag). There's so much footage, it had to be split into 6 parts.

14 Rules to Celebrate and Enjoy International Wing Chun Day These rules will help you enjoy your training and get more out of it on International Wing Chun Day and every day of the year.

Learning Wing Chun Kung Fu in China Got the rare opportunity to visit China. Tai Chi is easy to find in almost any park, but out of sheer luck a Wing Chun school was right next door! Some tips to readers if they're headed to China and joining a kwoon as a short-term guest student...

Wing Chun Examination [videos] Four videos capture a Wing Chun exam to advance from a light brown belt to dark brown belt (level 5 to level 6). Which is considered an intermediate level in this school. Enjoy!

Wing Chun Documentary from Hong Kong, China It's nice to watch a Kung Fu documentary from China, it's like you weren't allowed to watch it, but do. It's a nice treat. This one tries to scientifically test Wing Chun principles. Good subtitles.

How Wing Chun Saved Us! - A Wing Chun Life reader shares how he took out 4 thugs during a family vacation in Europe...

Family Wing Chun Kung Fu Vacation - This family took a road trip through San Francisco and the Redwood Forest in Northern California, and did some Kung Fu fighting ... fast as lightening ...

Wing Chun Life Travels to Peru - In early 2012, I met up with Wing Chun and Hung Gar sifus in the South American country of Peru. Good times...

There's more below! Add your story, too...

Your Turn! How do You Live Wing Chun?

Tell us a little about it and spread the word around the world! You can even include a few photos and video links (The technical stuff is done behind the scenes).

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Shaolin Kungfu, Buddhist Chanting & Music Concert at Lincoln Center, Oct. 12-13 
Over 100 monks from Shaolin Temple and other major monasteries in China will be performing in a unique show at Lincoln Center in New York! What's unusual …

My name is Alex, I sarted wing chun in dire time in my life, let me just say the next school year I was known for scary fast hands and even rivaled the …

International Wing Chun Day 2011 
On Saturday, March 19th, in cities all over the world Wing Chun practitioners will be planning events to promote the art of Wing Chun in all its forms. …

Definitions: Butterfly Swords or Butterfly Knives? 
Hey there =) I just read about the sword/knife conflict, so I thought, as a linguist, I might clear things up a little bit. When "Dao" is employed, …

Testimony: Being a Student of Wing Chun Not rated yet
During childhood it was common for my household to consist only of my mother and myself due to my father’s profession. In the event that my family was …

How Wing Chun Saved Us! Not rated yet
Hi to all readers and martial artists to be and current martial artists. Wing Chun is very effective. I studied Japanese style to black belt level …

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International Wing Chun Day 2011. Happening in your community, home and school. This year is the second annual celebration. Find out the day it takes place, what you can do to celebrate and how to promote Wing Chun!

Wing Chun Music Video, Could it Be First? - One rocker, new student at the time of taping, fell in love with Wing Chun (don't we all?) and put it in his music video.

Young Martial Artist Foundation - This foundation "provides martial arts scholarships to socially and economically disadvantaged children within the Los Angeles community. Building character, discipline, confidence, and healthy kids through martial arts is our goal." This sounds like something worth supporting, even if you don't live in Los Angeles.

Up And Coming Wing Chun Actor - Could he be the next Robert Downey Jr.? Hollywood is a tough city, luckily this actor is trained to kill.

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