Why I'm like this?

by Georgio

Hello I'm Georgio,

I've been practicing classic Ving Tsun for 7-8 years and im still being questioned...am i going to stand and be able to protect myself during a street fight....

I am very troubled with my thoughts of negative result inside of me...and 1 more problem is that when it comes to fight I feel scared...

Like once we argued with a known classmate of mine and he came like he was going to punch me I stand my ground and didn't back off but inside me the fear i felt it was making me shake and I was scared that he would punch me and I wouldn't be able to defend; not to kick his ass, just defend myself.

Its been 7-8 years of me practicing strikes and techniques and the 3 forms of Ving Tsun, but even when we spar with friends for fun (friends don't know martial arts) they always gain territory and their strikes overcome my defense and they end up hitting me and I cannot do anything and also I feel that their punches are strong and they hurt me but I can't do nothing to them.
Sifu Victor Botes from the Fighting Spirit Boxing & Martial Arts Club in South Africa, http://www.fightingspirit.co.za

Dear Georgio,

To have fear before any fight or confrontation is natural and normal, we all have this feeling.

With experience you will learn to control and use this emotion to your advantage, channeling it into energy to be used in technique - blocking or striking.

Training with friends is OK, but if there is no element of control in their strikes, they are not great friends. Use forward intention to eat up space and shut them down. I would also rather practice with true martial artists who understand control.

Now in a street fight, there are no rules or time to waste.

When applying your technique, go for the most direct and injury causing strike possible.

Once you have injured the opponent, follow up with more strikes aimed at causing maximum injury until the opponent is finished and poses no more threat to you.

The more you practice the direct approach the better you will get at seeing the targets and attacking them, you must be constantly looking for the targets.

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Aug 07, 2015
Fear before a fight
by: Sifu Jonathan Naef

The first part of your question, the fear before a fight part has already been answered perfectly by the previous response. Just like the other guy said it is completely normal to feel that way, take a deep breath and stay confident.

What I would like to address, and OH GOD I HOPE YOU READ THIS LOL because this is one hell of an answer that I think will help you, I know it helped me. You mentioned your inability to defend when sparring with friends and in that statement I believe that you revealed a common misconception to me that most people have about Wing Chun.

I want you to remember something, Wing Chun only has two techniques; a straight punch and a forward step. Everything else is a product of freeing your self so that you can return to punching and stepping forward.

While fighting or sparring either way. You should NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER think of defense, there should be nothing further from your mind. I have unfortunately applied my Wing Chun in a variety of situations from friendly spars to duel type of sparring as well as many street fights, my class is in a bad neighborhood so while advertising I've been challenged a lot. This is what sees me through it though. All I focus on is attacking my opponent. Everything else that needs to happen just happens, that is the point of our reflex training, don't look for an opportunity to use a Tan da, just go forward and hit, if the person you are fighting sends a counter than a tan da just becomes your "new flinch" response.

Does this make sense to you? Is it helpful? I have given this lecture a few times but never in a typed format so I'm not sure how it turned out..... And by this point I went back an proof read this a little and want to elaborate on something. By focusing on the attack I'm not telling you to swing wild, nor am I telling you to chain punch from 10 feet away, use common sense , when a jab/cross works better use that, when you get within range do the chain punch, when you get to close to keep punching take the person to the floor than open the space up and hit some more. That is the other cool thing about Wing Chun, we don't have to think about defense to use it, our reflexes will help but also the fact that our structure maintains a defense on it's own, a lot of your defense is covered by keeping a low elbow when punching. As always thank you to anybody who takes the time to read this comment, I hope that it is helpful. Take care

Aug 10, 2015
Re: sifu Johnathan Naef
by: robert

Another great response!
-- Rob

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