Where is the Closest Wing Chun Class To Me?

by Sean

Hi there, I'd like to know where is the closest Wing Chun class to Ocean Shores, NSW 2483, Australia?


Update - I revamped the Wing Chun schools page to make it more helpful to find kwoons in your area. Check it out!



Sean, you're in luck. Australia has a healthy Wing Chun community. I'm not personally familiar with schools in NSW.

But I've heard of the International Wing Chun Academy. And the 'Traditional Wing Chun' lineage headed under William Cheung is well represented in Australia as well. Plus, there is a sect in Australia that spells Wing Chun as Wing Tsun.

You can try out that spelling while searching for a school in your area on the Wing Chun schools page:


What's nice is that Wing Chun is very exclusive. You won't be able to find a Wing Chun School on every corner like with most other martial arts.

So when you do find a club, treat it like gold.

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Jul 21, 2015
Any classes in the pensacola, florida area?
by: Jeremy


Aug 10, 2015
Re: Jeremy
by: robert

Hi Jeremy,

I think that city would have a kwoon.

Take a look at this page, and try the search bar at the bottom for additional help:


-- Rob

Aug 17, 2019
Is there a school in Florida usa
by: George brasure

I am looking\ for wing chum class here in Florida usa in tHe Tampa bay area for my great grandson could you he!l us find one? I was g this discipline for U.K. Could would you help ? Thank you

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