Where Can I Training Wing Chun Full Time ?

by Jeff Williams

I'm looking to train Wing Chun 7 days a week, for a year, and something along the lines of live-in training.

I wish to learn wing chun for 2 reasons, 1 for my health 2 to teach others for the sake of self defense,health, and spreading this beautiful art.

I also offer one hundred percent effort and attention and I want to make wing chun a daily part of my life. If I am taken as a student I would use the knowledge learned to help my community and anyone I that may need it.

I am very interested in Ye Wen (Ip Man) lineage, and I would pay my own expenses and prefer to travel to China. I am also willing to work or help out in any way while training.
Answer I've heard of that before with very few sifus.

I knew a few fellow practitioners do something similar but they were already long-term students at the kwoon and sifu asked them each personally to do it.

I'll spread your request around, hopefully a sifu or school will reach out to you by commenting below.

Also, the Wing Chun schools page is a new and growing list of Wing Chun schools. Ask sifus to post their announcement there, especially if they offer this kind of set up.

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May 08, 2012
Wing chun full time in China or Thailand ?
by: Mikael

Hello there,

Did you find what you were looking for ?

I'm actually looking for the same thing as you and I found something but it's in Melbourn (austalia)...
Did you find something in China ?

May 08, 2012
Full time Wing Chun Training
by: Jeff

i am in Yantai,China now studying wing chun full time at Kunyu Mountains International Shaolin Martial Arts Academy,the Master here is great! check out the website,search "chinashaolins" its very authentic training at affordable price,Hope it helps and i look forward to seeing new wing chun brothers arrive, i will be here 2 years.

Nov 24, 2012
by: marc

Hi if you still looking for learn wing chun at thailand here 1 e-mail for you can contact and learn.
it's Yip Man style.
It's a grad Teacher.
Comment from Rob

Ask this sifu to Showcase his school here:

There's got to be a lot of interest.

Dec 09, 2016
Wing Chun School China
by: Divid

I studied wing chun in the Dragon Mountain martial arts academy China for 2 month. It's not a long time training but I did learned a loooot! I will going back this summer and continue my training, if you would like to learn wing chun. I recommend you guys this school.
Comment from Rob

Tell those guys to Showcase their school here: https://www.wingchunlife.com/wing-chun-schools-list.html

I know there are a couple of schools offering something like this - live in training for foreigners.

I want to know more.

Sep 14, 2017
Finding Full-Time Wing Chun Training in China
by: Anonymous

There are a lot of schools in China offering Wing Chun Training. However, the quality of the training varies. For those fresh and new to Wing Chun they can be great. However for those who are already experiences and training under good Sifu's in their home nations they maybe disappointed.

Sep 01, 2018
Wing Tsun Training in Thailand
by: Marco

Hello if someone are looking for Wing Tsun
in Thailand please contact me.
My e-mail: marco.siege@gmx.de

Lets train.

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