When is it Too Late to Start Learning Wing Chun?

by Marcin

I am 30 years old. Isn't it a little too late to start my Wing Chun training?

No! However, if you're starting from scratch, you're out of shape, haven't exercised for 15 years, never studied any martial art AND you want to start training Wing Chun to compete as a professional fighter, you will have challenges to overcome.


... if you want to learn Wing Chun for self-defense, to get into shape, because you have a passion for kung fu and martial arts, you want to have fun and you're dedicated to learn the art -- then it's never too late!

Where I study we have many gray-hair students. I've never asked how old they are but I'm pretty sure they're older than 30.

In fact, one past student was a retired man in his 70s when he started learning Wing Chun. He had a slight disability when he began training.

But after 5 years his disability went away (Wing Chun has health benefits and often exercise and getting your blood and lymph to flow is a great cure) and he reached an intermediate-advanced level.

Also, overweight students successfully train Wing Chun. I believe starting Wing Chun kung fu training while in poor shape is more challenging than starting at age 30, which is not old by the way.

Lastly, learning something new is good for your brain health as well. Keeping your brain entertained is important to staying young and vibrant.

In Wing Chun we train to use both sides of our bodies (the left-side and right-side). This actually gives Wing Chun an ambidextrous nature, which further develops and stimulates the brain.

So whether you're 30 or 80 years old, it's never too late to start learning Wing Chun. Here's someone that started at 45 In fact, doing so could keep you young and healthy.

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Jun 04, 2011
back to learn
by: juan

when i was a teenager i was in tae kwan do i got all the way to a purple belt but i never continue with it. what i want to know is will it be out of the question if i was to start with wing chu basics just to get more healthy and diciplaned

Jun 06, 2011
Re: back to learn martial arts like Wing Chun
by: Rob@WingChunLife

Hi Juan,

Starting Wing Chun for health and staying in shape is a great idea.

Just click on the links above and the stories of other people who've gotten in shape through Wing Chun.

For me, I find gyms boring, working out is boring too. Since I don't live on a farm or ranch, martial arts is a very fun way for me to stay in shape.

Go for it!

And share your experiences with us...

Jun 07, 2011
Staying in shape
by: Marcin

This is exactly why I started Wing Tsun. Actually the style choice was rather accidental (originally I thought of TKD) but I couldn't choose any better I guess.

As I wrote in the OP I'm 30. When I was 16 I started attending theatre class in my town in Poland. That was really cool. That was so called "movement theatre" which relies mostly od body flexibility and expression. The trainings and rehearsals were hard, but sooo satysfying! Imagine I could do all those crazy flips, jumps, and figures. But at the age of 25 I completed my studies, started regular work and theatre activity had to come to a halt.

After two-three years I gained some belly and lost all of my former flexibility and body control. Knowing that I once could do better was a torture. So in the end I foud the WT page and learned that in my city there is a new group gathering. I am still a novice (10 weeks in the group) and not until recently have I been accepted as an official student. The point is that I really feel I'm gaining my old body control I once had. And the progress is rapid! Way faster than I expected! Imagination and consciousness of your body I took from theatre is very very helpful. Precision of movement is the same I used to practise in my theatre! And you really need to think during that practise which is where WingTsun meets theatre again.

That's why I love that style and intend to practise it for as long as it's possible even though it is quite expensive. But it's worth it!

All you former actors who don't know what to do now with your abilities and who would like to get in shape again - try Wing Tsun! That's my recommendation. And trust me - your imagination and former abilities may give you upper hand even on those who trained other styles. It's not a rule, but it may help you with such elements like good and quick learning Sil Lim Tao (remember all those complicated forms you had to learn and practise for the stage?)

Go for it!

Feb 16, 2018
Too Late?
by: Gary Cost

If you're still breathing and able to stand, it's not too late!

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