What Wing Chun Dvd is the Best for me to Buy For Beginner's?

by Spencer
(Patrick Sc)

Which Wing Chun DVD should I buy off of your website for beginner's? I want something that get's to the point of Wing Chun. That Show's you how to Do The Wing Chun Kick's And Attack's. I want a DVD that will help me with Wing Chun.

I am not sure if any of my Wing Chun Is Correct, Cause really all I have did was read Wing Chun Book's and Watch the Wing Chun Movie's.

Now I want a Wing Chun DVD that will just start over and let me make sure that all is right. I am in no hurry to learn Wing Chun but I need Help with it.

I need the Anwser Kinda Quick, I know the Stance. I want to learn Wing Chun Attack's Such as Punch;'s, Kick's, Side Kick's, Front Kick's and Chain punch's and Block's.

Bascily just A Wing Chun DVD that will help beginner's in Wing Chun.
Reply from Rob:

Whoa! That's A LOT to ask from one DVD/Video.

I suggest you start step-by-step.

Sifu Larry Saccoia has a great Level 1 training system for his lineage. Ip Man -> Duncan Leung -> Larry Saccoia

It covers most, or all, that you asked for above. However, it does not all fit in one DVD/video.

When you use the link below you can buy his entire Level 1 course as a bundle, which will save you some money.

Or you can buy the lessons one at a time (Lesson 01 - 09 comprise his entire Level 1 course). And buy the next lesson when you're ready.

Ready to learn? Do it!


Seek the straightest path,


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