My name is Alex, I sarted wing chun in dire time in my life, let me just say the next school year I was known for scary fast hands and even rivaled the top martial artist in the school at the time, Don.

I ended up gaining some unique physical attributes such as better balance, conditioned knuckles & forearms and ridiculous hand speed as in most people could just see it half way there for a fraction of a second and then feel it hit hard (I'm a muscely guy too) with power generated like an earthquake from my feet to my hands just breaking through the opponent like swiss cheese.

I also felt calmer and more controlled as well as extremely confident to the point of almost cocky of my ability to protect me & my loved ones.

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Jun 12, 2015
Good post
by: Mr. Brady Rogahn

Hello! Many thanks for your site!

Could you help me, please? I want to share your article on my site Findema, is it possible?

I will link for you as an author! Thanks for answering!
Rob replies

Send me a message through the contact form: https://www.wingchunlife.com/contact-us.html and tell me a little more about your site.

You do know that weak, unrelated web links, do NOT help your website. In fact, it hurts your organic listings.

The linking strategy of old is dead. Links need to come naturally and organically in order to have any value. Otherwise it's just spam and cuts down your site.

May 13, 2015
Thanks for sharing
by: robert


Thanks for sharing.

Feel free to send in a link with some video of yourself doing Wing Chun, or with some tips so the rest of us can develop ridiculous hand speed... with power!

Rob at WingChunLife

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