The Tan Sao...

by Jason

The Tan Sao is the simplest move and also very effective during a fight. Simple and to the point, Doesn't need much training to master.
Comment from Rob:
Great point. Tan sao is one of the few Wing Chun blocks/defensive positions that comes naturally to most people. It seems to work by using the natural human structure.

Many other blocks/defensive positions are physically unnatural, like the fook sao, bong sao, and lap sao, bill sao, etc.

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Feb 19, 2016

by: robert

That can all work as you describe, especially if you train it, however, you can also use your feet to move out of the way, right?

Jan 26, 2016
How to Stop An Olympic Boxer Straight Punch
by: LightForce

How do you stop an Olympic Boxer Straight Punch comming at you with a Force of 3400 N and a speed of 9.1 m/s and an effective Mass of 2.9 Kg with a TAN SAO.
There are many different Variations of How a Tan Sao is used to effectively Block an incomming straight Punch.
The Most Effective Way to Stop (Deflect) an incomming Straitgh Punch with Tan Sao uses some very basic Physics, Linear and Angular Momentum.
The Incomming Straight Punch is Purely an icomming Vector ,Linear Momentum comming straight at you at 9 m/s. To Defelect it you use a Rotational TAN SAO, that is you apply the Tan Sao with Rotation from the Hip , so the Tan Sau Arm Rotates as it Blocks. What that does is add Rotational Energy to the Incomming Straight Punch, and when you add two Momentum Vectors in Physics , the straight line Punch Vector and the Tan So Rotational Vector ,you get a Resultant Vector at an angle which is the Deflected Punch.
This is apply demonstrated by MASTER WONG SHUN LEUNG on a Youtube Video where he demonstrates the Rotation of the ForeArm when doing a Tan Sau. Of you dont do this you cant deflect a Straight Punch. It becomes Force against Force.

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