Dad, What Would You Do If Someone Broke Down Our Door?

We were having lunch at home. It was a little stuffy so we opened the front door to let the air circulate. The way our apartment is situated the front door opens to our dining area.

Out of the blue, my son asks, "Dad, what would you do if someone came through the door? What would you use as a weapon?"

Without missing a beat I told him straight, "I wouldn't go for a weapon. I'd rush him and shut down his brain." Then I added, "and you guys would join me and we'd attack him like a pack of wolves."

Is this advice too cruel for children to hear? Is it non-logical? Is it crazy talk?

No. I don't think so. 

Anyone who enters your home unannounced, whether the door is opened or not, is up to no good.

Anyone dumb enough to do so needs consequences. No different than someone messing with a hornet's nest or entering a wolves den.

And forget about looking for a weapon to then deal with the threat.

Most law enforcement who lose their weapon, or their life, in an altercation were going for their weapon when the thug got to them first.

Back in the 1980s, sergeant Dennis Tueller ran a number of experiments to find how close is too close. He discovered the danger zone is 21 feet (6.4 m). At that distance, a knife-wielding attacker could run and stab an officer before the officer had a chance to draw his gun and shoot.

So, if someone busted through our door I'd close the gap and shut off his brain.

But how do you do that?

Do you use chain punches (roll punches)? Do you use a stomp kick?

Yes and No.

Yes, use the natural weapons you carry with you all the time, your body.

No, I would not focus on my Wing Chun roll punches or stomp kicks. I'd focus on what matters. I'd focus on the right targets.

If you're ready to take your Wing Chun to the next level and become more dangerous, follow my lead:

Seek the straightest path,


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