Wing Chun Grading [videos]
September 2013

Here are a few clips from a grading. There's a lot to know and demonstrate to pass. This exam was for advancement from a light brown belt to a dark brown belt (intermediate levels at this kwoon).

All the videos took place on the same test, on the same day. The videos are split into 4 parts to make them easier to digest, and enjoy.

Some drills, a little chi sao, even sparring with three different guys. A fun test.

Thanks to Wing Chun'er Spencer for sharing. Enjoy and leave comments below...

Part 1: Some chum kiu, part of the wooden dummy, basic techniques, kick blocks...

Part 2: Chi Sao, blindfolded Chi Sao --

Part 3: Random Chi Sao with 2 opponents (Starts with Chi Sao, then goes to light sparring)

Part 4: Sparring with 3 opponents. Light Contact.

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