Now You Have To Protect Yourself From Kids, Too? This Sucks...

If you're like me, when you train Wing Chun and self-protection you probably imagine dealing with an adult thug. Someone bigger and stronger than you. A man in most cases.

But kids as young as 8 years old get arrested for violent crime, too. And can be a threat to you and your family.

Just a few weeks in New York, a 30-year-old man was jumped, beat to the ground, and robbed of his phone, laptop, and headphones.

According to police, this man was attacked by two boys between the ages of 12 and 14, a girl between 12 and 14, and an 8 or 9-year-old boy!


And in case you think this is a one-time weird incident, it's not. 

In 2016, Washington D.C. charged 400 juveniles (not a typo) with robbery. Six were 13-years old and three were 12-years old.

And this isn't just an American thing. 

Just a few years ago the Telegraph wrote a piece stating that in the U.K. more than "150 children are convicted every day of crimes including violent assaults and burglary, with some offenders as young as 10 years-old."

Are you kidding me? This sucks. 

But I guess I shouldn't be so surprised. I have gangs, and the graffiti to prove it, in my neighborhood.

Apparently, the adult gang leaders recruit minors to join the gang, train them up, and make them do the dirty work like carry their guns so they avoid jail time.

The bigger and more unfortunate problem here is that young criminals often grow up and turn into adult criminals.

Keep training your Wing Chun, stay vigilant, don't let your guard down if you run into kid-thugs, and learn how to deal with and defeat real street crime and sociopaths.

This is what I've added to my Wing Chun training:

Seek the straightest path,


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