Will The New Bruce Lee Movie Please Fans Or Be A Sell Out?

A new Bruce Lee movie is ... no, there are two ... I mean THREE Bruce Lee movies scheduled to come out for his 70th birthday on November 2010. (70-years-old?)

I’m looking forward to one, but not the other two…

Let’s start from worse to best:

The one I’m NOT looking forward to watching:

It’s called 双节棍 (Mandarin: Shuang Jie Gun) which translates to "Nunchucks".

It looks and sounds horrible. When I saw the production photos a little vomit rose into my mouth.

Now, if it’s meant to be a comedy, maybe I’d watc… nah, it looks really terrible.

The second one I’m not looking forward to, but might watch:

Its titled The Silent Flute. It’s based on a treatment Bruce Lee wrote before he passed away and the producers want it to elevate Bruce Lee’s “philosophical and artistic techniques” — whatever that means?

Some people are already complaining that it's a cleverly disguised remake of Circle of Iron (1978) starring *cough* David Carradine.

From what I can gather it doesn’t seem to exploit Bruce (?), so that’s a plus.

The new movie I am looking forward to is:

Bruce Lee, My Brother

I’ve been waiting for this one since 2009 when I first heard about it. There shouldn’t be any exploitation here.

Bruce Lee’s brother and sister are behind this movie and authorized it.

The rumors are that it will be a trilogy and they promise to give an honest account of Bruce’s real life...


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