Martial Arts Scholarships Available in Los Angeles area
Details Below...

Spread the word to your martial arts friends. These scholarships are available to students living in the Los Angeles area known as the San Fernando Valley.

The good people at YMAF (Young Martial Artist Foundation) asked me to help spread the news.

They currently have five (5) scholarships available.

These are full or partial scholarships for children and teens training for 3 to 6 months.

FYI: It does not have to be Wing Chun, it's for any martial art.

Scholarships are available for families who have financial hardship in paying monthly tuition and/or children with disabilities and live in the San Fernando Valley area (Los Angeles area).

If you think you meet these criteria or you run a martial arts school and have a student who may benefit from the scholarship, visit and download an application.

You should get a response within 5 business days.

If you're thinking about it, apply now!

When these five scholarships are gone, they're gone and you'll need to wait for YMAF to raise enough money to provide more scholarships. That's the way non-profits roll.

If you have questions, email them directly at:

And please tell them you heard about this from


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