Ip Man 3 Movie: Can You Name This Move?

by DI

What move did Dennis do in Ip Man 3 when he choked his brother? At the 4:10 marker.

Answer: I'm not sure myself. (By the way, I like this German language version). It looks more like a Choy Li Fut reverse choke move (when I find the name I'll add it to this post).

It's important to mention, in the Ip Man 3 movie, they made it a point that anything can be Wing Chun.

That's why you see a lot of high kicks and spinning moves (where the Wing Chun practitioner's back faces the opponent).

Typically, especially where I train, we avoid doing both. The only time a "fancy" move like high kicks or spinning moves that expose your back to the opponent MAY BE acceptable, is if it's used as a finishing move, and probably only during a friendly sparring match.

Other than that, if you're fighting for your life, against a sociopath, you don't mess around.

Stick to the low aimed Wing Chun kicks and don't spin around and give your opponent a chance to attack you from behind.

In any case, I hope other Wing Chun practitioners and sifus could give us a hand on this one.

Where I train, we do learn chokes, but they're usually more direct than the one in the video clip.

That being said, almost any attack to the throat works...

If you have any input, leave a comment below.

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Jul 18, 2011
I agree with your analysis of proper WC theory
by: Jonathan E. Kiser (sifu) Ho family Wing Chun

The flashy moves (mainly for cinematic awe) are rare in real WCK. WCK is about Simplicity, Practicality, Efficency, Explosiveness/Exploitiveness, and Directness. What I call the SPEED principles/formula.

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