How is Wing Chun Effective? Is Wing Chun the best Fighting style?

by Spencer Brian Winburn
(Patrick SC)

I was wondering if Wing Chun is the best fighting style. I mean there is plenty others, such as the tiger paw and much more, But is it the best style? Is it better than tai chi?

Is It effective on your target? I thought It was better to let your target attack you and than you defend. Because Couldn't talk lead to trouble. Like the cops because you started the fight? Or Made the first move?

Also One last thing Why do people think the Wing Chun stance looks so dumb? Because I don't think it is, I am a Wing Chun freak! Please Help me with these answers guys.
Comments by Rob: Wow! That's a lot of questions. I'll do my best and go through them one by one, and if other Wing Chun'ers want to add their thoughts, just scroll down to the "Comment" link below and add your own.

1) Is Wing Chun the best fighting style? Yes. But I'm biased. So definitely yes.

I like how it aims to be efficient and gets rid of flowery stuff if it doesn't work on the street.

Personally, I've been blending in the efficient and practical self-protection lessons from a group called Target Focus Training. It adapts perfectly with Wing Chun from any lineage, in my honest opinion.

2) Is it effective on your target? Is it better to let your target attack you and than you defend? First, avoid danger and confrontation. This is something you can control. Otherwise, if you're in a life and death situation, where running or deescalating the danger is not an option, then I'd opt to attack first. The best defense is offense. You want to put the predator, serial killer on the run. Have him fear for his life. Not the other way around.

3) Why do people think the Wing Chun stance looks so dumb? I can't speak for others. Everyone has a right to their opinion and the freedom of speech. Don't let it get to you. Keep training and getting better.

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