Fook Sau Is Not A Strike, Or Is It?

by Instructor and senior student of Sifu Colin Ward (world representative of Grandmaster Ip Chun), Ip Man lineage

Fook sau is not a strike, it is bridge on arm. I am referring to the resting arm in chi sau, this does not strike it rests and provides a contact and cover of the centre line.
Comment From Rob: Thanks for the clarification. I understand what you mean.

I'm curious. In your lineage, do you have a strike that resembles the one mentioned in the Wing Chun strikes page, under Fook Sau?

We call it a Fook Sau strike at my gym. The shape looks like a Fook Sau - the hand is bent into a hook.

Perhaps you have a different name for it?

If you or anyone else has a point of view on this subject, leave a reply in the comment section.
Beginning of fook sau
by: Anonymous

My sifu has stated that the fook sau can be used as a strike. The back of the wrist where it bends is very hard when properly trained.

It is not a common strike. As a child in his wing chun training, training techniques were developed to build strength where individuals could do full push-ups from the back of the wrists. Early stages of training slowly builds strength where you gradually add weight on the back of wrists.

In all, fook sau technique from sil lim tau is only the beginning; there is a lot one may do with fook sau technique and striking is part of it.
It's possible...
by: Martial Artist

Mr., your point about structure is valid. What's missing is the talk about using the right weapon with the right target.

I would think this kind of strike could work, if it's used on the right target(s).

Think of bil gee. It uses the finger tips, not the strongest structure you could think of.

But bil gee to the eyes works really well. But bil gee to the forehead would be pretty dumb.

I haven't used this kind of fook sau strike, but it may be effective on the temple or floating ribs or nose.

That's my two cents anyway...
by: Mr

I can not honestly think of one single strike that even resembles fook sau to be honest.
Which part of the arm/hand would you be striking with? Fook sau as a strike to my mind is just begging for a self inflicted injury.

You don't want to strike with the back of the wrist as this is a delicate area and you risk hurting yourself. The position is weak and the wrist is very vulnerable to injury if you strike forward. Striking with the inside of the arm is again not a good idea from an injury point of view as it is soft and fleshy.

Wing chun gets it's strength from structure and fook sau is not a strong position from a structural point of view.

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Oct 04, 2016
Fook Sau
by: Anonymous

The bend in the fook sau wrist is a stretch. You don't strike with it like one of the strikes in Kyokushin.The fook shape and position is advantageous to strike from.


Thanks for your thoughts!

- Rob

Feb 07, 2016
The Strike
by: Beginner

From what I know of Wing Chun, which isn't as much as many, you use the joint of the wrist to strike, where the hand and the arm form a triangle. You use a snapping motion with the strength of the elbow being what powers it, similar to the punch. Try snapping your wrist joint into your hand as a punch, it is pretty powerful. If you deflect a punch on the inside using fook sau, you can directly strike from there into structures like neck, face, sternum etc, and then transition into another block or cover smoothly while still controlling the center line. It can be effective, it all depends on where you're going after the strike and how much time you have to perform it.

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