Do Wing Chun Schools Accept Pay Per Session Instead of Monthly?

by Chris Denny
(Winter Park, FL)

I live in Winter Park, Florida in north Orlando and I'm not rich.

I understand that Wing Chun schools are a business but are there any here that will accept tuition on a pay-per-session basis instead of a whole month at a time?

Thank you, Chris
Answer: Here are some tips I'd try. And it all depends on how motivated you are and how eager you are to learn and become a great Wing Chun practitioner.

**I would suspect that a city as big as Orlando should have more than one Wing Chun school and/or teacher who'll teach you privately.**

When you find a school explain that you're only interested in paying per session because you're on a strict budget.

If you have a compelling story, use it.

I know one student at my gym who needed a life changing event to get him out of a deep slump - finances, breaking up with a fiancee and obesity...

He used Wing Chun as a catalyst and turned around his life in only 7 months! He's working now, lost almost 100 pounds and he found someone new in his life. Wing Chun is that amazing and worth every penny.

You don't have to be as dramatic as him. But if you have a compelling story about why you absolutely must learn Wing Chun, and the only way you can start is by paying per session... tell them.

If they're human, which I'm sure any Wing Chun school is, they'll work something out to help you reach your goals.

Keep in mind that paying per session will be, and should be, more expensive than monthly.

At my Wing Chun school our sifu has a couple of pay per session students. The main reason is that they live very far away and can't make it to class often. But they want to learn from my sifu because he's real good.

I think two or three per-session-classes end up costing the same, or more, than monthly tuition.

Since they never make it to that many classes in a month, they're ok with it. And sifu is ok because he ends up making a little extra.

I think that's fair and you can offer something like that to your future school, if they don't already have a per session payment option.

If the person on the phone doesn't budge show up in person and try to work out a deal face-to-face.

It's easier to hang up the phone on someone than it is to say "No" to someone who is staring at you... eager, determined and respectful.

Also, go as high up the ladder as you need to. Some schools have students or volunteers or "family" handle the business side. Try to get through to the top sifu and plead your case.

Do it like they do it in the Kung Fu movies. Pay respect to the sifu and plead for him (or her) to accept you as a student.

You can always try bartering services.

I know of students who have done these kinds of things at my club on a temporary basis.

It might be harder since you'll be a stranger, but it doesn't hurt to ask and to make an offer.

Are you good with sales, accounting, graphic design, internet or computers? Are you willing to keep the school clean and tidy? Paint, fix stuff? Can you detail sifu's car? Play guitar at their kids birthday or DJ at a personal event?

If you go this route just make sure everything is clear and fair. Write a summary that you both agree to and use that as an informal document.

You don't want to be taken advantage of on purpose or on accident and you want to make sure you provide good value too.

For example, if monthly tuition is $100, you shouldn't paint the entire school inside and out for one month's tuition. You'd be working for peanuts.

Either get many months for that much work or just paint the small bathroom or office. And then do a good job.

I think the world ving tsun athletic association has some schools near you. Check them out.

And come back here and give everyone an update.

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Feb 19, 2012
My Wing Chun Story: How it Improved my Health and Life...
by: Anonymous

This comment has moved to a new location. Click the link to see it, you'll love it.

May 31, 2014
Wing Chun School Nearby?
by: Rivieras

I want to learn Win Chun but there isn't any schools near me (Kissimmee,Poinciana) there any Sifu's around these areas that will do private classes or is there a hidden dojo ?

Jun 04, 2014
@Rivieras - Wing Chun Schools Nearby?
by: Rob - WingChunLife

Hi Rivieras,

You can use the directory or search bar (at the bottom of the page) to look for Wing Chun schools near you.

You might want to take a peek at the Video MASTERY library and see if it helps in your situation.

Good luck!


Sep 15, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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Oct 12, 2015
I am very thankful
by: Anonymous

I am very thankful to you for this nice post.You did a very well job this post is all about this topic.keep it up.

Jul 21, 2016
Nice Blog
by: Fredrick

I was on your website and reading your blog . Here are many things for discussion. All the answers are satisfactory. Just I would like to say that we should do everything in our limit area. I am very happy to find you here. I have learned lot of thing from your question and answers.

Jul 21, 2016
I teach Ving Tsun (wing chun) in Orlando
by: Justyn Rowe

I teach wing chun here in Orlando. Currently we have one class per week. Thursdays 7-9. It is 10 per class and soon will have a lower monthly 4/times a month price. You can find us on Facebook under everybody wing chun or to go to our new site.

Justyn: What would be more effective is to complete the Showcase page on the site: Go here and follow the directions -

Mar 01, 2017
6 days a week Wing Chun
by: James

We do private lessons in Wing Chun 6 days a week. $45-$65 hour on average, you're also being caught by instructors who have used it in the ring full contact, or we're army ranger, boxers or mma before they began their Wing Chun Journey.

Our chief instructor Sifu Justin Ocg is internationally trained and test in four different Wing Chun lineages and will push you hard but it's one of the nicest people I know.


We also have group classes available 6 days a week, as late as 8:30pm and priced at $125 a month.

Its worth the drive, especially since they have a 5 classes for $25 trial so you can see what you are going to be doing and what the place is all about.

Website - Http://

116 east pine street, lakeland florida 33801

More information also on their Showcase page:

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