Keeping Everyone Informed Of The Dangers Around Us…

Subscribers, D and R write,

"Good posts! Keep them coming to keep everyone informed of the dangers around us."

Yes, vigilance and awareness are one key to staying safe and protecting yourself and your loved ones.

But here are two problems I see come up.

  1. Some believe there are no serious dangers to be concerned about. Life is beautiful and rosy. 
  2. Some are hyper-aware of the potential dangers and let it paralyze them. They think the sky is falling.

For those in the first camp, screwed up and crazy people are out there. Stay vigilant, aware, and away from them.


On January 31, "A man wielding a butcher knife stabbed three people along Sunset Boulevard and inside a Jack in the Box restaurant in Hollywood before police shot and killed him Tuesday afternoon, Los Angeles Police Department officials said."

On February 1, students and protesters at the University of California Berkeley destroyed property, set fire to surrounding neighborhoods, attacked people with pipes and pepper spray, and knocked one man unconscious.

February 2, two teens arrested for murdering father in front of his teenage son because they want to steal the son's dirt bike.

And across the Atlantic in Paris, France, North African gangs attack Chinese migrants "for being too rich."

Yup, crazy, stupid people all around...

For those in the second camp, screwed up and crazy people are out there but it does NOT mean you must live in fear.

Include "lethal leverage" to your Wing Chun training.

You know how important structure is, right?

Therefore you should know how important it is to ruin and destroy the sociopath and thug's structure.

A mass murderer without structure is simply a lump of flesh.

And owning this knowledge gives you confidence. It shines light on the darkness of fear.

I'm not talking about false confidence or boastfulness or conceit or bravado...

Instead, you gain the knowledge and confidence that you know exactly how to turn an ugly monster into a slab of meat and walk away.

More on lethal leverage here:

Seek the straightest path,


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