How Many of These
6 Classic Holiday Kung Fu Movies
Have You Seen?

Plus, Special Bonus Family Friendly Kung Fu Movies

Nothing beats curling up under a warm blanket next to the fireplace... sipping hot coco and holding your 'honey' next to you, while enjoying an old school Kung Fu movie where bad guys get stabbed to death, and young virgins get their heads hacked off!

During this holiday season, especially north of the equator where the days are short, dark, and cold, you'll want to re-watch the six Kung Fu holiday movie classics below. (What? They're not holiday classics? Well, they should be).

You may have some of them in your movie collection. You've probably seen them all. You can buy them as gifts at places like Amazon.

Watch them again and they'll bring tears of joy and choke you up like any feel-good holiday movie should.

The more cracked skulls, the more heart-warming and touching the movie, that's what I say...

The 5 Deadly Venoms DVD

Some say that the Blue-ray version is better because it has cleaner image quality. Either way, you'll enjoy this flick.

Shaw Brothers Collection DVD

This collection comes with four Shaw-fan favorites. You can find other collections that also have four films each. Get all collections and own 12 Shaw brother classics.

The 36th Chamber of Shaolin DVD

Gordon Liu stars in this, enough said.

Heroes of the East DVD

Gordon Liu also stars in this...

Legendary Heroes

This set has a couple of films:

  • Legendary Weapons of China 
  • The Shadow Whip
  • The Shaolin Intruders
  • The Deadly Breaking Sword

Some have said this has some of the best "Wuxia Pian" around.

(*Wuxia is to kung fu movies as Western is to cowboy movies.)

Master of the Flying Guillotine DVD

My personal favorite because I watched this a kid, all alone on an old show called "Kung Fu Theater."

I should have not watched it alone, because it gave me many a night of happy and blissful nightmares.

Family Friendly Kung Fu Movies
And Soon To Be Classics

I feel that Kung Fu animation movies or TV series is kind of a new thing. I don't consider anime Kung Fu animation. The ones mentioned below are great even for adults. Enjoy!

The Last Airbender
(Original Animation Series)

This is my all time favorite martial arts animated series. It's funny, heart warming, and the Kung Fu storyline is amazing.

Kung Fu Panda 1, 2, and 3

These are classic feature movies that are hugely popular around the world.

Kubo and the Two Strings

This is a newer animated martial arts movie. The animation is fantastic. 

The Legend of Kora

This is the non-sequel, sequel to The Last Airbender. It takes place in the same world, but about 100 years in the future. And the hero is a girl, which is cool for Kung Fu flicks.

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