Can You Apply Dit Da Jow On Open Wounds?


Can You Apply Dit Da Jow On Open Wounds?

Answer: Although I'm not a doctor or chemist :-), I highly recommend you keep jow away from open wounds. It's not meant to heal or disinfect cuts.

Now, if you have a few scrapes on top of your bruises, then it's up to you. It'll probably sting like mad. But how dangerous is it? I don't know.

Maybe you can let your open wounds dry up and scab over a bit before applying dit da jow. Otherwise, keep the jow from directly touching fresh cuts.

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Sep 13, 2012
Applying Dit Da jow on Open Wounds...
by: ronin888

I was told... DO NOT APPLY ON OPEN WOUNDS ! ONLY- For bruises and sprains... And- Iron fist / palm training.
Comment from Rob: Yes. I didn't make that point clear in the reply. Dit Da Jow is specifically meant for use on bruises and sprains, not open cuts.

It has worked wonders for me, even on non-Wing Chun related sprains and bruises, by the way. It's something everyone should have in their home medicine cabinet.

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Nov 01, 2015
Dit da jao on open wounds
by: Anonymous

My mum used it on my open wounds ALL THE TIME growing up even though it stung like hell. Wounds were mainly scratches n scrapes small paper knife cuts.
Comment from Rob: That's a tough mom, and a tough kid ;-)

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