Am I'm too old to practice Wing Chun?

by Peter


I'm am 53 years old.

I am in a good shape (treadmild and weighs) since 2 years and I'm a fan of martial arts.

My question is, "Is it realistic to practice Wing Chun and use my news skills rapidly ?"


Sifu Victor Botes from the Fighting Spirit Boxing & Martial Arts Club in South Africa,

Dear Peter, as you get older, you can improve in Wing Chun, provided you keep up the practice of course.

No need to have any specific body shape, flexibility or acrobatic abilities.

Just train the basics and in time with a superior understanding of the centre line and other principles, you will appreciate the system even more.

So start today.
Rob adds his two-cents:

I've run into two mature students who started martial arts and physical fitness late in life.

One was a retired dentist. Wing Chun was his first martial art and he was never an athletic person his whole life.

It took him a couple of years, but he got pretty good considering he started older and he had some physical, health issues when he started (arthritis and others).

The second one is also retired. He's in his mid, late 70s. Same thing, this is his first martial art, and he was never an athletic person.

His biggest challenge at the moment is coordination. If you had/have trouble with cover punching, he's got trouble doing the Tan Sao in the air!

Yet, he's advancing well. Slower, than most. But persistence pays and he benefits a lot if he can get more personal attention.

I kind of like training with him every now and then because he learns differently. And it's satisfying to watch him make even the most incremental improvement.

I think it drives most of the other students crazy. Kind of like watching paint dry. But for me it really puts my communication, listening, and feedback skills to the test.

If these two can do it, and make continual improvement, you can too. Enjoy yourself and commit to it with a smile.

If you have doubts, don't stress over it. That'll just make it harder and more frustrating.

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Oct 29, 2015
sixty one years old
by: Anonymous

i live in minneapolis, mn and sixty one years old
the sifu i want to learn from is sifu andrew mills
at ebmas what i need to be is more comitted because i have a good sifu but i have physicle problems leg wound morbid obeisity to name a few so i'm going to the ymca to find a trainer and between trainer and and wing chun and loose some of this flab if there's anyone who reads this my email address is tell me what you think!

Nov 10, 2015
by: robert

Hey William - You're an inspiration. If you can video some of your progress and struggles that would be awesome. I'd love to share those videos and your story as it progresses on Wing Chun Life. Let me know if you'd be interested.

Oct 02, 2016
Never too old
by: Dale

I'm 59 with no martial arts experience. My main goal was to lose weight and increase my general fitness. I train at RDU Wing Chun in Raleigh, NC with Sifu Widmar. I can only go to class once or twice a week but I also train some on my own. I've been doing this for 4 months and I'm losing weight and increasing my fitness as well as learning something. Sometimes I feel a little awkward being the oldest one there but I'm holding my own. I don't feel my age puts me at a disadvantage in learning or performing the techniques. The other instructors, Kevin and Danny, are awesome as well as the other students. If you're motivated and healthy, there is no reason why an older person can't study Wing Chun.


Thanks for those words of encouragement! I couldn't have said it better myself.

- Rob

May 06, 2017
Never too old
by: Ken

I respect you question about age. I have studies "hard styles" for over 20 years, but at 64 my body does not handle things as when I was younger. However, my love of the martial arts drove to seek another path. One that will still be effective and also provide my "need" to continue training. This led me to Wing Chun. So very different from anything else I have studied, but refreshing as well. Just remember, we are never too old.

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