Can I Make Money Online?
[2018 Update]

I suppose you've already read a little About Me, my Fighting Dossier, "Why you need a website," the 2014 update, and my 2016 update.

And after reading those pages you're curious about starting a business, part-time or full-time, and you want more information about working from home, and/or owning an Internet business.

Great. You're in the right place...

What Are My Results?

What works for me the most (especially in the last two years) is taking the skills I use to launch, run, and manage this WingChunLife (and two others: one in the Dental market and the other in the Education market) to work with private clients and marketing/advertising agencies. 

Basically, I use the skills I've developed running this site and apply it to their businesses to help them make more money, generate more leads, and secure more sales appointments.

That wasn't my intention in the beginning. I wanted an "automated" business that threw off money even when I slept.

But hey, you go where the river of life takes you. Right?

What kind of results have I gotten for clients since this journey?

  • I helped a software client explode the number of registered users for his software platform from 154 users to over 5,000 users in just 7 weeks.
  • One client got a 566% ROI on a marketing campaign using long content written to his market
  • Another client filled up the calendars for their sales staff with appointments to talk about and sell their 4 and 5 figure business product.
  • I helped another client add over 30,000 new names to their email mailing list from the traffic going to their website
  • And whole lot more.

These are things I would not be able to do if I hadn't grabbed on to SBI and launched this Website about Wing Chun (and my two other websites).

How Do Others Make Money With This?

What I've learned over the years, and by participating on SBI's very helpful forums, is that many people make money through their website in many different ways. 

In fact, there are different money making models to choose from, and many of these you can combine.

  • Some make a full-time income with their Internet businesses, directly from their website.
  • There's one lady who makes $250 to $500 a day with a website about roses. Roses!?
  • Another guy sells a $2,000+ course on trading options.
  • I've run across SBIers who use their website to get media and publicity attention, which allows them to get hired to be keynote speakers and make a mint.
  • Others use their website to drive traffic, capture the traffic onto an email list, and then use email marketing messages to follow up and turn their email subscribers into sales (this is something I've been rolling out).
  • I use the skills I develop to run WingChunLife,com to work with private clients and advertising agencies.

There's a lot of ways to skin this cat and make money and own a successful online/internet business. You don't even need SBI's technology for website building, they also have a module for Wordpress owners!

The point is, as long as you have targeted traffic, you can find a way to turn their interest into money.

The opportunity is out there for those of us who work for it smartly. And SBI helps you work smart and guides you to building a viable business.

You don't get that from any other internet business related things I've run across, and I've run across dozens of these things. 

Most "Internet Business" things are too narrow. ie. Facebook marketing, email marketing, Pinterest marketing, Google Adwords, etc. 

A few are "throw in everything including the kitchen sink" and purposely make their programs complex, confusing, and expensive just to keep you buying the next module you need to have.

SBI is really the only online system that includes a step by step guide (called the 10-Day Action Guide) that brings order to the madness known as internet marketing, for just $300 a year.

And you still get all the other niche stuff you want and need (Facebook, Google, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing, etc.) for no extra cost. Plus, you consume it when you're ready to profit from it, not before. This you don't waste your time building a "pretty" website that gets zero traffic and therefore zero sales.

Do I Still Recommend SBI?

The Internet world has really changed since I launched WingChuLife,com back in 2010.

Do I still recommend SBI to newbie, aspiring, or struggling Internet marketers, online business persons, digital marketers, info marketing business persons, brick and mortar businesses wanting to go online?


Is it all you need to succeed in today's online business world? 

Probably not.

So why would I still recommend it? 

Because it gives you a powerful foundation that you cannot find anywhere else for just $300 a year (which includes Hosting, email newsletter, in-depth, hands-on, How-to tutorials on social media, content marketing, mobile marketing, Google, Facebook, SEO, and a whole lot more).

And it's combined with a step by step instruction manual called the 10-Day Action Guide (which is a Masters in Online Business in disguise) that a pre-teen can follow, understand, and execute (I know because I got my kids to study this as an elective course in the School of Rob).

Again, for just $300.

What's more, active SBI sites have a decade plus reputation for being topped ranked websites across the Internet according to Alexa.

You see, SBI is more than just one more way to build a website, which is pretty much child's play with today's technology. 

Instead, SBI is a system for creating, developing, and launching a website that attracts targeted traffic which you can monetize.

And when you're ready, you can add a few more key pieces like buying online advertising and email marketing to take your online business to the next level, or levels.

If a little elbow grease doesn't scare you, and you have ambition, and you deserve more from life, then this is something you need to look into.

Where Am I Going From Here?

Client work is satisfying, it's challenging, and it can pay well.

But I'm going back to my roots. 

I want to be my own best client so I'm heading back to building an automated business that generates money even while I sleep. 

Over the last ten years, working with dozens of clients, and working with leading advertising and marketing agencies I have some ideas. 

I've made and learned from my and my clients' mistakes and see what works and what doesn't work, and understand what isn't useful and just plain wasteful.

If you want to build something similar, then join me and we can do it together. 

How do you join me? 

Grab a copy of SBI and I'll tutor you to get your niche web business off the ground and then we'll focus on turning it into a continuity/residual/royalty business system.

Buy and learn more here:

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