A Prayer And Bows To The
40-Something Wing Chun'er

Your kids are growing up fast, maybe too fast.

They don't "depend" on you and they resist spending time with you.


The love of your life can't stand you anymore, but doesn't say so... unless you're in a big fight. 

She's pissed because you either make too much money and work too much that she feels ignored and unimportant. Or you don't make enough money and she feels she's wasted her life with you.

Maybe it's you.

You're ready to leave the love of your life. Find someone fresh and new who appreciates you for who you are... faults and all. 

Perhaps you've already divorced and wrecked your kids. Heck, many of your friends already have.

Work, career, money?

Things are going well... from the outside. But inside you're freaked out that it'll all be taken away from you. Just one layoff or one missed payroll period. Getting stiffed out of a big check and missing a mortgage payment. You're still on a tight wire no matter how long you've worked, saved, or how many promotions you've gotten.

Do you have enough for retirement or your kids' college? Shit, can't think about that, got to deal with what's right in front.

Maybe things are not going so well in the money department. Your career hasn't gone anywhere. Somewhere along the way you've stagnated or plateaued. What are you going to do now? Maybe you've had a run of setbacks, severe health issues, bankruptcy, failed businesses, partners stealing from you, laid off and can't get back to where you were before.


Now you're feeling a bit old, but you try to ignore it.

Maybe you're one of the lucky few who looks younger than your years and actually stronger now than when you were in your 20s because you learned how to take care of your body.

In any case, you hit the gym or go to the kwoon, not to get better, stronger, or faster, but to keep from losing what you still have.

Intimacy part 2?

The plumbing doesn't work like it used to. Maybe it's physical, maybe it's mental, maybe it's emotional, maybe all the above. You're still too young to call it quits in the love making department, especially if the love of your life decides to dump you once and for all.

Keep training!

Things will work out. You have valuable life experience, you have good, true friends who have traveled these roads and willing to guide you.

Keep growing, this journey is not over.

The pain makes your stronger. Your successes can be stacked into greater successes.

Seek the straightest path,


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