Blindfolded Chi Sau Video Transcript (Below)...

1. Single Arm Blindfolded Chi Sau

So as you can see, this is one-handed or one-arm blindfolded chi sau.

The one on the left is using a fook sau, jut sau, strike. And the one on the right is starting out with a tan sau, palm strike, bong sau.

[0:23] And they're switching roles. So the one on the right is doing the steps the one on the left was doing and vice-versa.

And they just need to be able to maintain contact. There's no footwork. It's predetermined so they both know what the other person is going to do. So it should be pretty simple for both of them to flow through it.

And they are both blindfolded so they have to be able to feel what the other person is doing: get ready for the opening, feel the attack, and be able to deflect it. Pretty simple stuff... for them at least.

2. Cross-Arm, Single Arm Blindfolded
Chi Sau

[1:09] And here now they're doing cross-arm, single-arm, chi sau, blindfolded. It's also predetermined.

This particular technique uses footwork. And as you can imagine, when you're blindfolded and moving around with your feet, it's much easier to lose contact. Especially when you're not relaxed.

So these two are being a bit more forceful. Most likely because they're afraid they're going to get hit.

[1:43] And this is a good shot because you can see their whole footwork, their whole body move.

[1:55] Alright, so now they're starting to make some mistakes here. They could be getting tired. As you can tell they're starting to lose some contact. They're not flowing as smoothly. Yup, they're tensing up.

[2:24] (Sifu Alon Peterson speaking in the background) And that was sifu, he just stepped in and kind of gave them a tip. Telling them that the only reason they're losing contact is because they're too stiff and they need to be more relaxed.

It is predetermined, which means they both know exactly what the other person is going to do. So it should be simple enough for them to flow through it as long as they maintain contact and remain sensitive and feeling what the other person is doing.

And they've already started to do a lot better. And they're going a lot faster too.

3. Double Arm Blindfolded Chi Sau…

[3:12] Okay, so the next clip coming up is double arm chi sau, predetermined also. The one blindfolded is being tested, the other person is not blindfolded.

But in this instance, I guess what he is being tested on is just that he is sensitive, that he is not breaking contact. There is footwork involved. But again all the attacks and rotations are predetermined.

So as long as he's relaxed, he's feeling, he's sensitive, then he should be able to deflect all the oncoming attacks and hopefully feel any openings from his opponent where he can try to strike him.

They're going pretty quick.

And he's doing a good job. Flowing through it, quick, good footwork, balanced, good job.

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