Wing Chun Private Lesson: Columbia, South Carolina, USA

by Sifu Brian Arpaio
(Columbia, South Carolina, USA)

Wing Chun Kung Fu Columbia offers private lessons, 7 days a week, in Wing Chun Kung Fu.

About Sifu Brian Arpaio:

Studied Wing Chun Kung Fu for over 20 years all over the world from Hong Kong to South America to The United States.

Certifying instructor was Sifu Richard Chen who studied under Grand Master Moy Yat who studied under Grand Master Yip Man.

Teaching students of all shapes and sizes Wing Chun since 2005. Students include Husbands and Wives, Military Personnel and Police Officers, Families, and anyone interested in the history or real world effectiveness of Wing Chun.

Our website can be found at

Private lessons ensure that lessons occur at a location of your choosing and at a time that fits around your schedule.

We train in Yip Man Wing Chun. Lessons cost $15 for the first lesson and $20 for every lesson thereafter.

The lesson will run for at least an hour, with some lessons going over at no additional charge. Group rates are available.

Visit the website or call (843)206-6625 with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

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by: Anonymous

Got started for a few lessons. The ball started rolling, just as I started getting somewhere and excited. I was stood up after 4 hours. The next few attempts to train never happened. Gave up. Was very eager to learn. Very disappointing.

Does he actually exist?
by: WCenthusiast

This page sells it all very well, I have been trying to get in contact with Sifu Arpaio for 2 months now. First emailed him via his website in early June got a reply, returned to USA or specifically SC early August emailed him before return- no reply. Called his given cell three times leaving messages and a contact number, emailed again- a last stitch attempt. No reply. Needless to say with no other Wing Chun instructor in state apparently my learning is reduced to books and youtube until I return home to England for a few weeks at Christmas to catch up with my first Sifu. Since his website is equally inactive perhaps this page should be taken down to further prevent others feeling as disappointed as I do.

Thanks for the heads up.
by: Rob @ Wing Chun Life

I appreciate your input and experience on this school. I've sent a message to sifu for an update.

For the moment this page will stay up, and your personal experience will give others added information to consider when they decide to contact the school.

...books and YouTube... enjoy your time back home.

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