New Wing Chun Documentary about Wing Chun in the Philippines (sa Pilipinas!)

Thanks to cinematographer Trip Shaffer a.k.a. Chibi Moku for sharing this Wing Chun documentary — his latest martial arts related documentary.

If you have trouble viewing it, like I did initially, turn off the HD feature. HD video eats up bandwidth and slows down video!

When Trip sent this to me I was excited to see how Wing Chun is spreading in the Philippines. Apparently, there are NOT many Wing Chun schools there and the people are excited to watch “Bruce Lee’s” first martial art live and in living color.

According to the documentary, when interviewing an audience member at a demonstration he said, “…In the Philippines we all grow up watching Bruce Lee movies.”

The documentary has both English and the local Philippine language (Tagalog?).

Trip says, “The story is...Robert Greene went down to the Philippines to start a Wing Chun school (a small off spur of Steve McGowan's Golden Harvest in Japan). They were getting tons of news and media down there because of its rarity... so I wanted to shoot a doc about it. This will now be featured on tons of documentary sites, on MTV Philippines down there....and they will be on tons of news and entertainment television shows… I wanted to explain Wing Chun from a practical stand point.”

Unfortunately, Trip doesn’t have enough time to train Wing Chun maybe we could all change his mind by leaving a few comments for him here:

“I do not do Wing Chun... but I film martial arts documentaries for a living. I LOVE wing chun. I study its moves... but as I am a travel videographer there is little time for this discipline. I LOVE filming martial arts.”

There’s nothing wrong with traveling the world and filming martial arts. That sounds like a pretty great job, almost as cool as running an international website about Wing Chun like this one, :-)

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