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I am NOT a guru, sifu, or professional fighter - but better - because I'm a lot like you --

A busy family guy who loves martial arts and Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Prayer And Bows To The 40-Something Wing Chun'er

When living in your 40s your life and Wing Chun training really go through some major changes. How many have you gone through?

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A Shout Out To The 20-Something Wing Chun'er

You start out young and full of energy, your whole life in front of you... Wing Chun is great so are a lot of other things

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Ode To The 30-Something Wing Chun'er

At 30 years old your life and Wing Chun go through some changes. Which ones can you relate to?

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Wing Chun School (Leung Ting WingTsun®) Gilbert, Arizona USA

We teach WingTsun™ kung-fu in Gilbert, AZ three times per week. Our instruction is a traditional base in the Yip Man / Leung Ting lineage with practical

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Truth behind the obvious

Its not the power of the blows but the person behind them .....if your looking too damage why are you in martial arts the arts is about peace ,harmony

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Wing Chun School: Woodbridge, Virginia

Ho Kam Ming Lineage of Wing Chun in Woodbridge, Virginia. Recognized Instructor under Sifu Augustine Fong. Instructor has over 20 years of Wing Chun

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Wing Chun Kung Fu - Orange County, California - USA

Website: https://www.meetup.com/562-Healthy-Wing-Chun-Kung-Fu-For-Peace/ Phone number: 562-304-8958 It is near the 405, 605, & 22 freeway junction. It

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Wing Chun School Irvine, CA USA

Irvine Wing Chun Our spacious Orange County Kung Fu school in Irvine (along with our Dana Point school) is the leading authority for Wing Chun in Orange

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Keeping Everyone Informed Of The Dangers Around Us…

Yes, vigilance and awareness are one key to staying safe and protecting yourself and your loved ones. But here are two problems I see come up.

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Wing Chun vs Bjj, grappling, MMA

The other day I got a message from a BJJ/MMA company asking me to review some of their products. I said, "No, thanks."

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Is Your Neighborhood More Dangerous Today?

He doesn't let his 8-year old son walk to school, even with the other kids. It's less than 5-blocks to the school. He feels the world is more dangerous today than when he was a kid.

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Wing Chun Schools In The Phillipines

Wing Chun kung fu is practiced in the Phillipines and is a great combination with Escrima and Kali and other native martial arts...

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