Happy St. Patrick's Day:
Wear a Mouth Guard Tonight!

st patrick's day dental emergenciesWear a mouth guard and keep your guard up on St. Patrick's Day and keep your teeth!

Hi Wing Chun'ers,

If you're going to celebrate St. Patrick's Day tonight, make sure to wear a mouth guard. I'm not kidding, here's why...

According to CNBC News (video below), dental emergency visits jump up an average 64% across America the day after St. Patrick's Day!

What's more, 49 out 50 states ALL see an increase in dental emergencies.

But wait, there's more...

In the top 10 states that see a jump after St. Patrick's Day, all average over a 100% increase. More than double! Delaware tops the list with a 188% jump in dental emergencies.

It's crazy!

According to the report, even women in the five states below get in on the action.

The average jump in female dental emergency visits the day after St. Patrick's Day:

  • Texas 39%
  • Rhode Island 32%
  • Nebraska 22%
  • Vermont 21%
  • Maryland 18%

St. Patrick's Day Dental Emergencies are not Always Caused by Hooligans --

Many of these dental emergencies are the result of drunken dumbness. People loosing their balance or simply passing out... on their face.

**Hey, if a chain punch doesn't do the job to knock out teeth, use the pavement.

Go out tonight, have fun, stay out of trouble, and keep your balance.

But just in case you can't avoid the knuckleheads (male or female), wear a mouth guard and keep your guard up!

Here's the video with more details:

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