I Just started Wing Chun and I'm already thinking of quitting...

by Kat

Although I was really scared, I started Wing Chun classes last week. After two classes, I'm still feeling scared and out of place. (I am the only girl in my class.)

I want to continue because I find the program can really help me in several areas: health, defense, confidence, discipline, and it's a great, challenging sport.

However, despite all of these reasons, I keep having thoughts that I should quit because this is really out of my comfort zone. I never, ever thought I would do martial arts and can't help but feel stupid.

My question is, are these mental obstacles common when starting Wing Chun? If so, I want to overcome them.
Don't quit, yet!

If this is your first martial art, then it's natural for it to feel strange.

Martial arts and fighting arts, whether you do it for sport, health, or self-protection (or all three), is its own culture. Oftentimes, with its own unique languages and strange customs.

Adding to the above, Wing Chun is challenging even for experienced martial artists (even though it claims to be 'simple' to learn. This is a relative statement that I'll get into at some point in the future).

To help you out I reached out the Wing Chun community and asked them to help you:

Jonathan Rios writes: "Yes its very common. I have studied different styles of kung fu and every time I start I'm always nervous and worried about the brothers and sisters, and if I can be great.

"But as long as you try your best just forget the rest. Plus, wing chun was developed by a women so you got them there."

Raveen Rahulan responds: "Hello friend, my name is Raveen and I know what it's like to feel intimidated by change. Change can be scary and is certainly not easy at times. But I am here to tell you that it is okay!

"I too felt your uncertainty a year ago. I practiced Shotokan Karate for 10 years and eventually quit due to personal reasons and the way it was taught at my school.

"I met my Master Steve Ruiz at the gym one night and I was intrigued to learn Wing Chun. It was scary to just throw away 10 years of martial arts to learn a new style but trust me, with practice and repetition you will learn fast and grow to love it!

"Never give up on yourself okay? I know what it's like and let me tell you in time you will improve your Martial Arts and other areas you wish to build on, all in good time."

I could not have said it better myself :-)


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Apr 07, 2014
Thank you!
by: Kat

Thank you very much for your comments. I am starting to feel much better about wing chun already. Everyone in my class and on this forum are so nice and welcoming that it's one of the reasons I want to stay. I am now going into my third week and will continue to push through it and try my best not to quit! Thank you again, I really appreciate it. -Kat

Apr 07, 2014
You're Welcome!
by: Rob @ WingChunLife

@Kat - In general martial artists and Wing Chun'ers are friendly.

Every now and then you may run into someone who is arrogant, but just remember this... no one is bulletproof or immune to a thumb in the eye.

Most martial artists understand this truism and that's why most are humble, yet dangerous.

Give us an update on your progress in a few months.

And if you're comfortable ask your sifu or school manager to Showcase their school on WingChunLife.com:



Apr 09, 2014
Don't quit
by: Tom

Hi Kat,

Don't quit, I had the same problem. It gets better when your knowledge about the system increases and you make friends for life. I can't even remember why I was worried in the first place. It became a lifestyle and I wouldn't trade it in for anything else!

Kind regards,

Apr 13, 2014
My life with or without Wing Chun Kung Fu
by: Anonymous

Wing Chun Kung Fu was my beginning. At the age of 14 I started to train Wing Chun Kung Fu in my country where I met two similar age friends to practice the WC with them, they were chinese. The funny thing that we were not jumping, steping or kicking, the only thing what we did ist at the beginning to draw on small papers signs and pictures how to hit, how to kick and how to make your hit go straight. We spent on that couple of years, of course we were from time to time practicing hard and we were doing lot of movements and exercises to strenthen us. All of us were very thin, weak and we did not have much self-confidence, other childreb were laughing at us while practicing and doing that. Most of our school collages werde big in size, strong and violant. We were quite and waching the whole miss. Unfortunately i had to leave the two friends after a couple of years to travel abroad, exactly to say I went To in Dubei as an accountant..There I stayed around 17 month...The story is not finished..but I will continue it next time, I promise, it is very exiting biography till now. Please visit me homepage:www.kung-fu-schweiz.ch I wish you good luck

Sep 01, 2015
donot quit
by: Anonymous

I was the only girl in class for a very long time, now everyone is scared of me! Hahaha!

Sep 01, 2015
Anonymous girl...
by: robert

Everyone is afraid of you. That's awesome! Keep at it.


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